Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jackart On Conservatism

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Here is where I do not agree with Jackart . He says “… I believe borders to be an affront to human dignity. Bones have to be thrown to the section of the population who put this issue at the top of the list,”….Bones to the mangy curs eh …Speaking in cur-ese I notice he much in common here with the proponents of world Communism ,the global governance that has crept into being and the view that human loyalties are always ignorant because they are not scientific and rational in the 18th Century senseA Conservative view would be that the nation is an expression of mutual ties that start from family and extend out to an imagined community who evolve ways of talking to each other . This is expressed in institutions which encode evolved responses and real experience.
The image would be garden in which good growth is encouraged and bad discouraged but not the agri-industrial homogeneity of socialism or the wilderness of the Libertarian . It’s a balance and if the market is a powerful tool then so is a Combine Harvester , . It can be a bit over-powering for use on your carefully cultivated lawn though.(I would be interested to know what Jack art thinks the right unit of government ought to be if it is not to be the Nation ?The EU ?)
Does he think that if all laws and customs were removed we would be free ? In fact we would be slaves . The difference between a Conservative and a Libertarian is this. Given a Piano a Conservative would like you to learn to play it in a traditional way according to customary disciplines . A Libertarian would be as happy for you to defecate on it .I would argue that there is something more to freedom than the absence of rules and that Chopin may have been free-er piano-wise than a screeching yahoo atop recently emerded ivories .Jackart also makes some tremendously good points that are so obviously right its confuses me that they need discussing


circus monkey said...

Erudite as %*&@*!

Auntie Flo' said...

Circus monkey

Regarding your comment: ditto

Anonymous said...

I dont think Libs want you to poo on the piano me old mate.

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