Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everybody Out

I have learned from Ed Balls ,and others, that the Conservatives are going back to the old days of confrontation with the Unions. It is this, apparently, which caused the endemic industrial unrest of the 70s and 80s . Look , they say , at tranquility of the Pax New-Laboura ..ahem.
In my pre Ballsian state of ignorance, I had thought the Conservative Party and the country fought and won a historic battle to beat the Unions, their Parliamentary wing the Labour Party and their foreign allies , the Soviet Union. I supposed that the end of the Union challenge to democratic government, and reforms, retained New Labour, naturally ended the strife …oh how wrong I was
New insights follow apace . In the past I believed the “ Daily Mail Myth “ that Peter Sutcliffe was responsible for a series of horrific crimes .It is now clear , employing the Balls method ,that the investigating officers were to blame .After all when they stopped investigating the rip rate reduced dramatically .
God forgive me

To be fair to Ed, supply side structural reforms under Thatcher and Major lead to the Unions being reduced to a Public Sector Rump of about 20% of the workforce .New Labour have cleverly avoided confrontation for ten years by giving them everything they have asked for .So they can take some credit .Bravo Tone bravo Gord.

If you want an insight into how voluntary Union political donations are , bear in mind that withholding your labour is also voluntary and have a look at someone trying to cross a picket line. If I was a union right now having New Labour by both the political and financial short and curlies I `d be getting a deal done for after the lection of by any chance Brown did lie his way out of the hole he is in .Lucky they are so much less greedy and sectional than I am isn`t it …
Lucky also we have such a high minded administration incapable of doing back room deals with anyone .Not Paisley to get Lisbon though , not Eccleston to get his money not Lord and Lady Leave-the-money-in-the-jar-love ,not Bush over Iraq support ……..
There is a moment in the classic comedy thriller Midnight Run when De`Niro`s unwilling co –runner is assured the pursuit has been outfoxed .” Oh…I feel really safe now “ he says “ and a helicopter appears with a machine gun.

I feel really safe now

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Electro-Kevin said...

I'm not sure that BA staff can be classed as militants in anyway shape or form. I get precious little about the details of this dispute from the media except for smearing them as radicals.

BA cabin crew are generally middle-class, educated, conservative and what all service providers aspire for their staff to be.

Did greedy bankers and expenses fiddling MPs really expect no backlash from unionised labour ? (non-unionised private sector labour is having to lump it and my how they are abused !)

We are simply not going to lie down and take being lectured to by a bunch of lying, thieving hypocrites.

And so says someone who is very conservative indeed.

I've nothing to lose. For all the good my great salary does me I don't see much of my money nowadays so bring it on.

Do the Tories really want to win power with such disaffection from their own natural supporters ?

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