Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Wonder..

I wonder.
E J Thribb age 6

…what deal the Unions are doing now not to dump New Labour in the Sea financially and politically , same sort of deal Paisley did to help Lisbon though maybe ?Money , our money?

…..why did Darling rush around , after the budget shouting about how savage the cuts are going to be ?I think he heard that the market was about to go , after all you don’t know how thin the ice is until you fall through and we have to be right on the edge.

…..why do the Lib Dems , planning 100% cuts with not the teeniest hint about where, get away with it ?

….. does Darling believe his growth forecasts ,no-on else does ?

….. why it is that banking collapses are treated like a virus when each player is only acting to save themselves having little choice at the time. State debt a similar phenomenon which has spread around the world like a virus is justified with reference to other states …..( theory-states have more spinners than banks )

…why it is that when New Labour have withdrawn the tiny stimulus we had after months of telling us how important it was , is it now …um…not .

If alchemists had said the words “ efficiency savings” over their overheated crap if gold would have poured out ?

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