Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is It Him ?

I am not saying that the anti Christ is actually walking amongst us , but if he was and were mankind facing the end of days then I think he might look a lot like Nick Clegg. A Public Schools boy son City toffs who went to the poshest Nursery in the land and Westminster. From there to ligger in the EU and mooching around the media . He is only an establishment worm but he has retained about him an eery boyishness a bland sinister ghastliness that makes one wonder what his picture in the attic might resemble .
I think the appeal is something like that of the early Fascists , (Mussolini was enthusiastically applauded by Liberals at the time ) That old failed grubby Parliament t with it tired rituals petty corruption will swept away on a tide of ignorant populism by a leader whose sole claim to fame is that he is New, untouched , incorruptible a sort grinning messiah . We shall not have those tiresome disagreements any more a consensus will emerge between politicians chosen by Parties not people and there at its heart will sit this holy innocent boy man with his unique ability to know what is right for all of us …. Its horrifying
The sums as ever do not add up (£15 billion of tax cuts paid for by plugging loop holes ..pleeeze...and what about the rest of the £65billion gap) , the attitudes to immigration and the EU what they are not what they are dressed as in the manifesto. When did a manifesto serve any purpose other than concealment? Try reading Thatcher`s or Blair`s for few giggles and don`t please tell me Liberals are just nicer and more honest , not to anyone who has experienced their electoral shenanigans.In the thousand year Reich of Clegg and Brown the prospects for the "Few" look grim indeed , not sure the Many are much better off

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