Monday, April 19, 2010

The Clegg factor

This whole adoration of Saint Clegg is part of the general X factor unreality that has infected the Nation . If you have an important decision to make, like should I buy this or that house, what do you do ?
Perhaps ask someone you trust . Maybe follow principles other people have successfully applied in the past. Naturally have a careful look into it line by line .What would no-one, barring a blinking simpleton do ? See of you liked the estate agents round boyish face and if you did slap the cash on the table .

Why then is that precisely what the British electorate are doing now ? We have traded democracy for cretin-ocracy , and as if we didn’t have enough of the 70s back already we are on the way to the fifth Lib Lab pact. . God help us.


Bill Quango MP said...

It is very odd. Or is it.

If you don't give a stuff about politics but just want someone in a suit to tell you every few weeks that climate change is bad or terrorists are evil or ID cards are really good then who would you choose to do it?

The ugly one, the posh one or the smiley one?

There was an idea for phone voting not long ago.
Why not scrap all this posters and campaigning and manifesto, cabinet stuff and just have 10 potential leaders in a line up. Each makes one policy announcement and tells one anecdote. Then the public vote one off a week for 10 weeks.
{Simon Cowell and her Majesty have a veto each.}

Can have all that nail-biting staged tension, soft drumbeat/heartbeat music and dimmed lighting for the final three.
Text Dav for Dave...etc

And then Cheyrl Cole announces "It's runaway favourite Nick!"

And Cleggy has to mouth "OhmiGod!" and embrace Gordon and kiss Dave before bursting into tears.

I tell you, if you want 70% turnouts this is the way to go.

asquith said...

I don't see it myself. Surely no up & coming party would want to ally itself with cunts like Labour, whatever their preferences may be, & Labour's obvious authoritarianism would be a killer anyway.

I do not see these Liberal poll ratings holding up but I'd be amazed if they saw their role as upholders of this particular government, which is rightly hated. A lot of their voters would turn against them if that ever did happen & they surely have the sense to appreciate this.

Heresy Corner:

Newmania said...

The ugly one, the posh one or the smiley one?

Brillaint ..except Clegg is just as posh

Asquith , they are ruling nothing out

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