Saturday, March 13, 2010

Read and Speak

Bob Piper has a fun post as ever I spake thusly

It was on this very question ( What will the Liberals do )that I was able to harangue our local MP Norman Baker . You would have relished his discomfort. All I can tell you is that amongst their own they happily admit to being left of New Labour . There is no doubt where they would prefer to be but I agree with you , they have no principles whatsoever .They will do anything to get power , literally anything
Their price is likely to be a referendum on PR as well as getting out of the required referendum on the next EU Treaty ( The one that was never going to happen…)
It will be nice to reach out across the Hellespont to those who do not want a thousand years of rule by the Party no-one likes or by bureaucrats no-one elected and retain our ability to kick the buggers out . In the 70s Powell and Benn cooperated against the Common Market in terms since proven right in every detail .While I do not approve of either, along with the madness both have/had some genius .
This time the coalition of left ands right against the Liberals would not be so easy to dismiss as extreme or eccentric . That will be the effort of the elite by the way and it is as well to be prepared . The BBC will be on their side which , incidentally shows that the complaint that they support Labour is not right . They do but in their souls they are Liberals .

While the mighty beasts have slugged it out, a little rat has grown too big for its boots A cessation of hostilities to stamp its nasty snout into the mud would be a great pleasure .

Only Labour will give them what they want by the way ,so its still your fault

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