Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comment Is Free

Just chatting on Cicero`s Songs , a fine and under appreciated blog by the way

Miaaaoo , get her ….CS ,the Soviet Union may , for all I know , have been even more cowed by the maintenance of a Nuclear deterrent and NATO than your good self , terrifying though you may be . Lib/labs spent the period suggesting an equivalence between said military dictatorship and Land of the Free . That’s all .I can`t resist it , the Estonian legation of 1980 ,(who he ? ) So… when I was acquiring sticky fingers and eye liner you contracted an oddly specific desire to free , wait for it , Estonia ? Did you pick this quaint kingdom from the Atlas the way the Wombles pick their names ? Did you seriously spend your adolescent weekends fighting the Ruskies CS ? Admirable , doubtless ,but , ever so slightly nuts if you don’t mind me saying so . No offence , but how did you get there; a magical flying car built by uncle Potts ? Hope the child catcher didn’t get you ! Oh dear me , the red army had no chance did they . Don’t spoil it CS its too delicious ,..” Where’s your homework CS..” “I’ e been liberating the down trodden masses sir , the cat wee-ed on it during an exchange of small arms fire ….”Don`t ever change.

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