Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just a comment I made on Hopi...

..."I `m here all week " you mean AB ? (Its all about the rhythm , this proley patois )
I regret the extreme small c conservatism of public life . Look at the suits , the pontificating the insistence that no-one can be serious unless they are also boring , unpleasant and in giggling’ Gordon`s case quasi -cadaverous .
Even swotty Cameron is accused of being a light weight and as for Boris ( ahhhh lovely Boris ) he endured every crack in twenty years of jocular polemics being combed for racism sexism and general sign of life -ism. His hair is messy , he cannot be serious . He ha d a job , he cannot to be serious , he is on occasion lazy , vain , inconstant and funny , he cannot be serious .Its as if the importance of being Earnest had been read as school text sans irony
Now the endless dreak and drear of more Brown looms like a filthy black cloud on a Sunny day .God in heaven ,the sheer misery of it would be enough ,and that’s without the poverty taxes and post democratic emasculation.
I am seriously depressed .On the bright side if we are stuck with this ugly Scotch nightmare of perhaps flaccid English dissent will engorge to tumescence and burst its Y fronted confines in the form of a popular revolt against New Labour . Tea Party anyone , we`ve got cake ….
I doubt it … the Morlock s have sounded the dinner bell and the Eloi are trooping to the ballot box next stop PR and the thousand year Reich.
Just kill me now

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