Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Tell Them To Sod Off Sir Nick !

"Those travelling in standard class are from a different walk of life... they are not at the level of MPs and business people like me".
He added, I don't care about 'the mood' of the British people and that they don't think they should fund my 1st class travel... which I've done for 36 years. It's nothing to do with the British people that MPs travel 1st class. It's up to Parliament to decide on 1st class travel for MPs not the British people. I don't care what the British people think!"

Sir Nicholas Winterton on Radio 5 Defends first Class Travel for MP`s

Bob Piper and others are jubilant at the sight of old Tory England making an idiot of itself but athough he could have put it a great deal better I like Sir Nick`s attitude .By the “British people , he means “ the inchoate tabloid populist superficial fad of the moment , not the will of the People which is expressed though Parliament .
Nicholas Winterton is our representative .If you want our democratic representatives to live as despised middle managers whilst bankers and journalists get all the goodies well fine ,I do not .I would, like there to be less MPs but the ones we have I would like to see visibly deserving of respect . I admired John Prescott’s “Nothing is to good for the working man attitude” and I want our Royal family to be magnificent not Dutch style nothings s. Why ? Because they represent me and I want the person who directly bodies forth my part in the democratic process to look and live like someone who matters.
Once Vicars lived in houses built for Gentleman and that showed they mattered to the community . As the Church and all it stands for was attacked by secular society and socialist materialism the vicarages we were sold and the Vicars lived in dull little Semis.
Some people think this is a step forward , but who bought the Vicarages ? Bankers , stockbrokers ., media wastrels and the slew of somewhat less edifying people our society values today . Privilege did not disappear it was simply transferred from a position associated with the Common weal to others who were not
Our MPs have become powerless auxiliary social workers rewarded poorly and with a career path only open to the rich and slaves to the media and opinion Polls .Nicholas Winterton was telling the media and its rules to sod off , not the people . As our elected representative , he is "is" the people.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

" the ones we have I would like to see visibly deserving of respect ."

Yes, but they're not, are they?

They are snivelling troughers with an over-developed sense of entitlement, who have sold the country over our heads against our wishes, and now expect to continue to be paid royally, even though there is really nothing left that they are actually responsible for.

Sir Nick can eat my shorts. Good riddance to him and his like.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I like my freebies as a journalist. Why? Because we get paid jack - less than a tube train driver - despite having one or more degrees in difficult subjects. Because we work for the love of the job, not because we are going to achieve power or fame.

Because we expose the hypocrisy of people who kiss the babies of the inchoate grubby tabloid-reading poor when they try to win our votes, but who use the tax money gleaned from the hoi polloi to build duck houses and clean their moats and buy first-class tickets so they don't have to sit next to their voters.

When I come home to my tiny studio flat, an empty fridge and a tin of chopped tomatoes, I'll take any free lunches or dinners that I can get. I don't use taxpayers money on that.

And if I can work hard enough and save up enough to pay for a converted vicarage, then by golly I will do so and enjoy the fruit of my labour. Churches willingly sold their vicarages to make up a shortfall in congregational dues. Had people actually tithed according to Biblical principles, most vicarages would still belong to the Church and not to those media types you so scathingly, er, scathe.

I might earn less than a Harvey Nichols perfume assistant, but I pay my tithes, darn it, and my taxes and I pay for my own second or first-class tickets. A man's worth is not in the things that he owns but how he relates to others.

Sir Nick has proved once again that he doesn't deserve the taxpayer to fund him so much as a bicycle bell.

Other than that, nice to see you're still blogging! Keep up the good work!

Newmania said...

Alright 'probing beak of Emu ' ( Rod Hull`s investigative children`s programme )scratch meeja pepes then .I was thinking more of BBC executives than hard working girlies filling in time before they get married ...

I jest I jest...

Bill Quango MP said...

Well I said it elesewhere so buzz for repetition but..

Mr Winterton. He’s a dick. Not because he should not travel first class –most executives do. None of the senior Beeb’s or NHS or Education brass are slumming it in coach. And MPs have more reason to avoid the public than most.
No, He’s a dick because he thinks he is entitled to travel first class because he is a better class of person. A more important person. A more worthy individual than the low life BC1s and C2DEs who haven’t made the most of their lives to become one of the few truly important and selfless individuals who gives so much , for such a modest reward in the service of their country.
He is a pompous, supercilious, vain and odious ass. The real problem is he isn't alone. Even the best of MPs think they are owed and not owing.

{not me obviously. I'm the dedicated hard-working, exception }

Newmania said...

Perhaps you are a right BQ I just love it when someone says something they should not and everyone is outraged .

Its a weakness of mine

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Filling in time before I get married!!!!

Try filling in time before I buy some more cats...

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