Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Leader Hundal Has An Announcement ....

Its yonks since I noticed surly overlord of Liberal Conspiracy ,Sunny Hundal .Life moves on you know . My twins are now starting to say a few words “ No” and “ Yoghurt “ mostly, and my eldest is at reception . This takes up a chaps time , and our little Company has been a demanding mistress this last year .
Long ago, I was banned from LC as an ‘Enemy of the People’ .I received a charming personal e-mail in which a soufflĂ© of wit was contained . “Fuck Off Troll” quipped Hundal merrily , which sat nicely amongst my client related correspondence . I treasure it , nowadays I could hardly raise the energy to be a lickle spit lackey of the capitalism to much effect, but I must have been good then.
Well , browsing thought the Guardian letters today, I spotted the leader as a signatory to a thrilling missive . It seems that the BNP treated a journalist roughly . Tsk tsk and we had thought them such nice people … Sunny wishes to have a rally …. *( fight fight fight ?)
The BNP cites "free speech" to demand access to the mainstream media – yet the party is an enemy of free speech. The BNP's inflammatory rhetoric about immigration cannot be taken at face value. It abuses free speech to incite racial and religious hatred. A robust approach to covering the BNP is therefore essential. That is why we are backing the launch at a rally on 23 February of Expose the BNP, a campaign aimed at supporting journalists and media workers who stand up to the BNP, its odious fellow travellers and street fighters in the Defence Leagues”
This was signed by Hundal and other shadowy unknowns .Well far be it from me to defend the BNP , a cocktail of socialism and racism is about as bad as it gets ,however , it is a rich pudding, for the equally far left, and equally authoritarian Hundal to suddenly concern himself with free speech.

Thinking about this I popped in to see how the boys and girls were get getting on with their essays and blow me down if the place has not changed a bit .The first article that catches the eye is “ In defence of the SWP” . One of the less Liberal and more Conspiratorial moments one assumes ,and then a simian chest beating roar by Hundal himself. He has killed Rod Liddle
A recent web Fatwa issue on Ron Liddle has , I gather, barred him from getting the job at the Independent .Hundal pounds the earth with his fists mhis maugh streaked with fresh Liddle blood .The method was the usual accusations of racism .
Kate Belgrave comments uneasily “We have to stop trying to shut down people we don’t like – so far, we’ve seen prostitution (curb crawling anyway) made illegal, attempts to shut down lapdancers, attempts to shut down Moir, and God knows who else. This is not the way for liberals or the left to go”.
Ms. Belgrave has almost got it hasn’t she but Hundal slaps her down like the Alpha males he is for daring to suggest that he has an instinct for censorship. Kate is left whimpering piteously.
The next thing I noticed was a a piece in which the overlord exhorts his smitten acolytes to start a New Left Movement ….. Oh Lordy here we go , torchlight parades and black uniforms no doubt, and I think I can guess who the strangely hypnotic leader of this revolution will be …..
If you have the time read this chilling comment thread .In it you will see references to Liberals doctrinally purged ,squeaks of complaint sneered at cruelly.You have the sense of a snarling war lord prowling amongst his troops, sniffing out weakness ,marking his territory with a pungent stink of Sunny juice. This comment is typical of those about to be 'dealt with'
“...You don’t get content from Lib Dems because those that did contribute were driven away, one by one.”You said ” If you guys engaged with LC more you’d do a better chance of reaching out to a constituency that should be yours but isn’t convinced yet. So James, Alix and myself – all people who *HAVE* ‘engaged with LC’, have been pointing out that actually Mark was right. You *have* driven those contributors away..."
So Sunny has had his night of the long knives and the Liberals are gone , I doubt the corrupt Madame Belgrave will be at the next conference ,now the leader has made his displeasure clear .. .

I do hope this movement takes off .If they have a jaunty uniform of some kind that would be all the better , black shorts perhaps ? It promises to be delicious


Auntie Flo' - I never hot anybody in my life, a big dunit and runned away said...

"Oh Lordy here we go , torchlight parades and black uniforms no doubt, and I think I can guess who the strangely hypnotic leader of this revolution will be …."

Excellent post, newms. Sunny and the Libs deserve each other. I, a life long Liberal before I became angry with them over their outrageous policy on the Lisbon Treaty and the EU and various betrayals of Liberal beliefs, was banned from Liberal sites as a troll for simply mentioning that I'd switched my support.

Flo' - I've never hit anybody said...

Oh, flipping heck. I signed in with:

I never hit anybody, a big boy dun it and runned away but didn't check I'd typed it correctly - and of course I hadn't.

Newmania said...

He he that Flo

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