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The Left Have Won The Battle - Bob Piper
Don`t you think that Conservatism went the extra mile too far by being 'inclusive' with the Waffen SS sympathisers in Europe? - Said Gary Elsby
I reply -Hitler was a socialist and that fact he was a Nationalist as well is something he has in common with the IRA and PLO , your friends both of whom were also supporters of Nazi Germany.
The fact that there is no voice for English anti federal Conservatism in socialist Europe is precisely why we should not have been forced into it by a series of lies by Gordon Brown who bought of Ian Paisley if you recall to do it
What I like about you Gary is that you are not just a cretin you are a cretin at many levels you should be on a cooking show ..“Mmm yes I am getting the sweetness of ill-informed then the tartness of buffoon and then …great at the end just an intense explosion of berk”
Tim Worstall has doubts about Will Hutton`s satisfaction with our levels of debt
So have I
The ability of a government to service debt is a simple thing .It is the ability to collect taxes from those who come under its rule at higher levels but delivering far less for it .Those countries who default do so because they are unable to maintain control under those circumstances and so political stability is really the key pointThe debts will have to be paid true but whether that will save the country as we know it is another thing entirely , this is not the post war period when we were the most indebted country in the world .(Perhaps the most indebted any country will ever be ?)When the left include these levels in their graphs they are talking about Empirical Britain a great and uniquely stable world power , paying back the US the money it leant it to fight the Nazis on its behalf. Many were rightly bitter about the great appeasers behavior… but look at the alternatives.
Will Hutton and his kind have been those chiefly responsible for breaking the ties that encouraged people to see the \Nation as an extension of the tribe or family with was common purpose . It is increasingly and sadly just a place where a “diverse” group happen to live.We may regret that fragmentationIt is also often forgotten that taxes in this country whilst lower than some European countries are more redistributive .In fact, according to the IFS, they are as redistributive as they can get .It seems likely to me that an extreme politics of one kind or another is inevitable given the strains that are going ti be caused
Huttons silly bland optimism is right then , as far as it goes .Sadly it does not go very far at all. Its like saying we may well survive the amputation of an arm. True but the music emanating form the Piano Forte will never sound the same again.On the plus side I think Churchill wisdom that wealth creation must precede wealth distribution unless we are to distribute poverty will prevail and the swing will be to the Economic right. It will tale all the resources and history of this place to resist the sort of collapse of civil society we have seen elsewhere
Rather good Thread on Dale in which I have been active
A t one level this piece is only Godwins law in graphic form at another it is matter of ownership. The reminder that Hitler was very much a man of the left is always welcome and the reconfiguration of the 2oth century over due .Tory Boys is outraged,but has himself gleefully thrown allegations of racism at Conservatives, such allegations have a force precisely because of the history of the 20thn century.Hitler was a Nationalist , true and in this way has something in common with Conservatives as well was 19th century Liberals . The same could be said of the PLO and the IRA ,let us hope we are not blamed for them.He was also a socialist.
Gordon Brown with his “Back to basics” socialism and frequent flag waving combines these elements as do his rivals the BNP. His style of politics relies on crisis and his will to power is terrifying . Like Hitler he combines a single minded genius at acquiring power with a childish incompetence at using it . The Nazi state was in fact a shambolic turf war. Like the endlessly replicated quangos he loves .
Like Hitler he has a n evil plan to unite Europe … and was quick to turn on the blameless Poles (in the Crewe By Election) in a disgraceful campaign I shall never forget The irritation of a Tory Boys is not so much at the insult it is that the artist has taken their favourite insult .It is the proprietorial rage of the farmer spying tykes on his land Stalin he could live with but this …this is our turf !!It is in short a major work by a magnificent artist


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"What I like about you Gary is that you are not just a cretin you are a cretin at many levels you should be on a cooking show ..“Mmm yes I am getting the sweetness of ill-informed then the tartness of buffoon and then …great at the end just an intense explosion of berk” "

Lovely :o)

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