Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Good thread this and for the avoidance of doubt it is the comments I like ,this quotation for example

This was Neather on the radio 4 Analysis programme with David Goodhart, talking about the attitude to some New Labour people to mass immigration:
NEATHER: One of the reasons they don’t really seem to have caredthat much was because you know they broadly viewed immigration as agood thing, both culturally and in terms of the labour market. Theywere committed to multiculturalism sort of as a facet of social justice, ifyou like.
GOODHART: Which in itself is connected to the collapse of so manyother left-of- centre ideas – I mean giving up on any sort of distinctiveleft-of-centre political economy, giving up on the working class.
NEATHER: Absolutely, absolutely, and I think diversity as a leftistlanguage of social justice and, if you like, I mean crudely seeing ethnicminorities as essentially the standard bearers of the sort of social justicerather than the working class and traditionally the white working class.And that’s definitely something which emerged in this country in thesort of 80s, 90s.


Bill Quango MP said...

Been looking into immigration a lot recently. Don't agree with much of what the left think. They don't seem to have even the most basic grasp of the costs of immigration versus the benefits. Its all 'social' benefits and 'cultural.'

Going to have to do a post on it. Don't really want too as its difficult and facts are thin,faulty,wrong and spun.

What do you think . In the last 10 years has immigration been a blessing or a curse?

Newmania said...

Curse overall BQ , if you look at the House Of Lords Report on the Economic consequences they show the gains are myths in terms you have started to mention.
I am not anti immigrant per se I am for retaining the core characteristics of this country and evolving rather than destroying it.
My family is mixed race and we are English , its not to do with color its to do with shared memory and allegiance

I think its simple matter , the change is too fast. Slow it down and all will be well

Little Black Sambo said...

Why do you call it a good thread? I thought I had strayed into the Guardian.

Newmania said...

Thought provoking BS if you look at the comments the article is demolished

El-Kevo said...

Game over really.

Cameron isn't even hinting at the issue. Can't stand the sight of him and we don't even know when the election is yet.

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