Thursday, February 18, 2010

Your Money Or Your Children !

It has often been noticed that evil , in real life is a mundane jobs-worth sort of thing .A signing of papers , an administrative tidy up. Looking at the Spartist Next Left blog you get a real sense of the horrors these bland essayists have in store for us .
This post concerns an obscure schism between the “Rawlins” and its opponents which roughly seems tp equate to equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome . The following passage was I thought a chilling one in the light of the ever earlier incursions into the family and the looming threat of a death tax …

The Rawlsian agenda .... still suggests that really children should be removed from their parents by the state – or that maybe all parents should read to their children the same amount of storybook every night etc -- and such idiocies have indeed been suggested by contemporary liberals. So at this point one is somewhere between tyranny and impossibility.

Of coures the alternative which is to tax and control people so as to achieve equality of outcome despite inequality of opportunity is equally tyrannical whilst all too possible .The bloody slaughter of the 20th century shows us that much . In fact the entire paradigm is deeply shallow and rooted in a mechanistic 19th century sort of thinking fossilised by Marxisms malign influence. Either way in the end they want your children , they always do . As Stuart Whites says
"For the only way to get true equality of opportunity is to abolish the family....."


Auntie Flo' said...

Why are the left unable to grasp the positive and motivational aspects of poverty? It is so often poverty and inequality which motivates people to improve their lives, and the lives of others, and which therefore drives our species forward.

It was my deprived, working class background which motivated me to get a good education, to lead a more satisfying life than my parents had, to play an active role in my community and to eventually start my own business.

If I'd been born into one of the left's utopias, I may well not have bothered.

Newmania said...

I on the other hand ahd it easy when I was young and was utterly unfitted for the shock to come

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