Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Selling Conservatism

Certain amount of Lord haw haw haw about the supposedly air brushed Cameron poster .This set me thinking about the use of slogans . How about these

New Labour -The make-up of make-up artists
The UK-I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
New Labour -We’re number two. We try harder
Anti Brown Plotting -It keeps going, and going, and going….
Fiscal retrenchment -It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good

Gordon Brown -Afore ye go

Ooo I found this less famous but quite genuine slogan from the 1950s it was for Big Ben Clocks.....

Victory won't wait for the nation that's late


Angry Jasmine said...

"Victory won't wait for the nation that's late"

Yeah, but if you hide long enough until all the punctual people have killed each other, you win by default.

Newmania said...

Good point AJ..sort of out of the blue but good point

Philipa said...

Or you get crushed.

I rather like the 50's slogan. Good one.

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