Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dancing In The Moonlight

We laid out child 'one', like a battle plan
Chicken pox here, here and here.
We bought a bag of balmy oils

Said it was all for the best, but then .
The spot armies marched and one by one
They occupied , all of them
Now I have danced many times ,
Been hypnotised by soft brown hair
And curves in motion
Been ecstatic on a starlit groove
Shouted jumped and spun around
Lost myself in getting down

But the snow and the night said "Be still !
Do you think I am draped in sepulchral white
Silvered with moonlight
Crystalline and cold as marble
So you can do the funky chicken
The Waltz ,or even an arabesque ?"
And yet , so late
A bedroom light on
There is dancing and strange
incantations disturb the ice cathedral

“The wonderful thing about Henry
Is Henry`s a wonderful thing
His top is made out of rubber
His bottom is made out of Spring …"

We bopped and did a boogaloo
We sang the book of song
But they cried when we tried to put them back down
So we danced with the stars

All night long


Nick Drew said...

hope all get well soon

Newmania said...

All on the mend ta ND

Philipa said...

Aww I just loved that, Newms. Another excellent poem.

Best wishes for babes better soon x

Newmania said...

ta P excellent I aint but I stick to things that really happen that I think have some pptential ...only one or two a year to suffer

Nick Drew said...

amateur !

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