Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chilcot , Cash, and Brown

So let me get this straight then , letters were written to George Bush promising that this country would go to war, a full 12 months prior to the decision even being discussed with Cabinet, far less Parliament .They had their say when the troops were on the ground ,in the desert.
The war was planned and executed outside the institutions of by the United Kingdom by a small coterie acting as if they ruled with divine right rather than representatively given consent . One of the members of that criminal gang of usurpers was of course Alistair Campbell, but it is quite clear that Gordon Brown was key gang member as well . That the cabinet were treated as shamefully as Parliament and the country perhaps explains their conspicuous loyalty now the old crook is weakened.
Then we recall cash for peerages , I don’t think anyone seriously denies that it was a reality. of course it was . Gordon Brown was running Labours election campaign at the time , now does anyone seriously he sat in the corner sucking his thumb when the serious work got done .Not likely
Old Bill Deedes used to remind us constantly that the Blair Brown feud was , a sham . Why are there so many brands of products which are the same old shit . Toothpaste , Washing Powder , that sort of thing. Its simple . If I invent shampoo for greasy hair I lose some punters for my own brand ,but also I gain some from someone else’s . I make a net gain just by appearing to be two products .That’s New Labour , brand Brown, brand Blair ...its just the same old shit

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