Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hopi Sen Attacks Innocent Mother and Defends Yobs

Hopi Sen, purveyor of engaging Keith vazeline , is trying to cast doubt on the Mylene Klass story by showing it has been variously reported ,and denied by the Police (well …so far ….). By befuddling us with meeja chit chat he wants to avert our gaze from the big issue
The question is why is the story hot ,not what exactly happened , everything happens in a country hurtling towards 70,000,000 . Firstly we can ignore the denial , Herts plod are liars , had a run in with them a couple of times myself , Hopi is a goody two shoes and has no idea. Da Philf probably started mucking the celeb around ,they usually do . Her publicist will have sensed the story had legs following the Munir Husein travesty . I have no doubt it was “sexed up” to
advertsise her new show tsk tsk .
‘Hotness ‘. can be pure cluster-fad like sharks , kung fu the or dangerous dog attacks when . (You will recall the measured response of New Labour to dangerous dogs). or it can reflect a deeper concern. Here you have both .
Right now New Labour aided by state lackeys like the BBC are homogenising faith schools introducing racist identity legislation for public sector employment ( thin end of wedge that of course …). We are being pulled into line with the historically authoritarian states of Europe , when once we looked out at them with horror and dread .The Matrix is turning us into batteries
When the state sides with criminals against people just to maintain control that acts as lightening rod for all the pent up hatred of big mummy and the feminine breed of fascism we are inventing .
Coo lumme that was a bit anarchic … think I `ll have cup of tea and a sit down I `v come over all peculiar.

Hopi Sen Attacks Innocent Mother and Defends Yobs - Just a joke ...99%

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