Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Funny But Wrong

Hopi Sen may well be the best political blogger in ther world , should be ,in a sense ,in that proselyzing for New Labour is his job. Puts him in a super posish to comment on the mixed motives of others from below.He does so to great effect here You may detect a certain grudging note to my praise

"Well bring it oooon girlfriend. No-one waves the pom poms like Hopi , brilliant post , really quite superbly done .Still I should imagine the chapter of your memoir in which you honked and clapped like demented seal at every Browny point will be called something like“ Saluting the Uniform” , or “He is rubbish but he is our rubbish ”…” My Private Shame “….”Get Me Out Of This Stalinist Hell Dave before he sinks the fucking ship and my career with it “ .
Yes the motives of the speaker must always be questioned , most def.
Funny post though , sickeningly clever .


Philipa said...

'here' has no link.

just saying, I may have missed something.

Newmania said...

Does to

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