Sunday, January 17, 2010

Balls The New Godfather Of The Left

Ed Balls eh ? Suddenly its Balls Balls Balls ,raining down like Russian ordinance, on an inadvisable cavalry charge .Balls the family man got mentioned, dear god . Well he kept that a bit quiet before didn’t he ; need a bit of hinterland do we Eddie ? Any special reason ?
Previously his glittering ‘New Labour royalty’ marriage was a bit embarrassing ,as were the lengths New Labour went to to
fix he and Mz Cooper up with seats .The colossal amount they syphoned from the tax payer between them did not need advertising either come to think of it . No wonders he is roguishly unimpressed by taxes having famously barked a nonchalant “ So What”, at the agonies of his middling ‘pay for everything get nothing ’ ,class enemies. Childish , true but then he is the children’s minister, a fact that is forgotten as his role as “ Gordon Brown`s soldier poet and Hellenic younger lover " was of rather more import .It was ,in fact ,his class war tactics that that lead to the skilfully achieved Palace Snow coup in which Brown was taken prisoner and Balls demoted all the way to Children’s minister .
It hardly be said that Balls is a
done nothing ,Public School Oxbridge media wonker ingested rather than elected by the system .As Brown `s boot boy he is identified with the left of the Party, with Union support , with redistribution, and what appears an almost bestial contempt for anyone who disagrees with him . Personally he is a sort of Alastair Campbell but without the charm
Now the ‘Eddie for PM eventually’ campaign is up and running and expect a deadly one .After all he learnt about running Party within a Party from the great Stalin himself . We know about the secret funds , we recall the the use of the Smith Institute, and the close relationship with the New Statesman. The Tali Brown (remember them ?) got anti Brown Martin Bright fired ,hence his sojourn at the Speccie .
I therefore find it fascinating that there is an apologist article in Staggers by Steve Richards . He has adopted a 'Pot Noodle ' approach
Stage 1 -We admit it, its rep is so bad its funny
...politics everyone needs a pantomime villain, the baddie on the wrong side of the arguments, a bully making moves for reasons of personal ambition. At the moment, the Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, is cast in the role. …
Stage 2 -Actually is it any worse than anyone else’s ? ( Note the non symmetry of the various claims )
From left and right, he is booed loudly for being variously an Old Labour statist, a free marketeer, a Brown loyalist, a Brown traitor, ruthlessly ambitious and wilfully unpopular...

And so arument follows argument with insidious intent . Let us remind ourselves of a few basics. Brown manifestly cannot last ten seconds without the threat of an election .He will be gone even if he were to squeak home . That means we are already into a Labour leadership campaign and Millibands inability to endorse Brown shows he is well aware of it. Forget Balls at your peril , His power is the sort the Press will not easily detect .He inherits the Brown Empire of patronage and Mc Bride -like fighers , as Michael Corleone did , from his own mentor and ( in his case ) father .The left of the Party is dominant partner in term time and even if Milliband was the pie faced front man, our young mob boss will be running things the way the old man did .
Oh sorry I forgot Brown has pomised , no less, a full term , like Blair . If he were not so far behind even his own loathed Party we might bother to laugh


Bill Quango MP said...

Vito - Wilson
Santino - Kinnock
Michael - Blair
Fredo - Brown.

Nick Drew said...

you are on form, Mr M

is it possible, though, that a Balls leadership campaign could overcome his colossal personal unloveliness ? would the shell-shocked ranks of Labour MPs really accept another swaggering bully ?

I ask becoz I do not know these people well enough to judge

also, I suppose, (a) t'unions will swing in behind him strongly; and (b) actually, bullies do frequently get their way even in adult life, I have a post on bullying in mind

Newmania said...

I see him as a new Brown sitting behind Milliband Nick but Milliband is not as powerful as Blair was

Anonymous said...

Hes a particularly revolting individual - surely the LP will want someone more pleasant to front their remaining MPs.

Newmania said...

To front them maybe ...

Auntie Flo' said...

Porky little so and sos, Balls and Brown, aren't they? They've clearly not been listening to their government's latest food fascist, anti-obesity rant/ edict: ban every thing we enjoy.

Balls and brown (stuffing their faces): So what?

They've not been listening because they know it's all a big fat lie: like them.

Newmania said...

Indeed Flo

Harlow Blogger said...

Have at last started my own blog, Newms: Harlow blogger

Just two posts so far,
Who'd be an Independent? and
Brown: another Two Minute Hate

Trouble is, though I've added a picture to my blog tremplate which looks ok, I can't work out how to put individual pictures with my blog posts.

How do you do that?

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