Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alastair Campbell - A New Low

It would appear that the Daily Mail are getting under the skin of toady Alastair Campbell . Let us recall that the British army , lives cash weapons limbs eyes and all were committed by letter to Bush a year before it was even discussed in cabinet . Only Blair and an inner circle knew , it included his long term squeeze Gordon of course and court favourite, chump supreme Alistair Campbell .
So , these were the men making decisions that some would suggest Parliament was an appropriate place for , and what towering figures they are .One can only give thanks to the almighty that the nation’s security is entrusted to a man whose reaction to some understandably negative press is so magisterially high minded .
Do read this which I found on Nick Cohen`s Blog or allow me to give you a flavour :

Obergruppenfuehrer Paul Dacre is secretly in love with me -( I )figure in homoerotic fantasies which fill Dacre with terrible shame and guilt..-I certainly don¹t do Mail scum. So, Paul Dacre,-you toss and turn alongside your poor wife -jealousy of the lonely public school fag who dreams of silent visits to the dorm, realises he can never catch the eye of the prefect,-Die Mail (is) not allowed in the house now, in common with dogshit…Scream it more gently ..

Sixth form hardly covers it does it ,more like third form I `d say .It’s the minor figures that catch the spirit of an age best. 80s pop ?Katchagoogoo, The Brown Blair period , Campbell.He is clearly not a man who handles pressure well and it strikes me that of the triumvurate sending our boys ands girls off to shoot people the sanest by a very long way was Tony Blair. .
Did we torture children in previous lives ? Its one theory , but I'm still thinking.


El-Kevo said...

Daily Mail readers are much pilloried and hated. But we're often the ones voluntarily running youth clubs, setting up charity funds - helping elderly neighbours; Guardian readers expect to make a 30k career out of such things - and achieve political clout from it to boot !

Newmania said...

I have absolutely nothing agant the Mail , we get it . I also read the Telegraph abnd the Guardian and by far the most one sided is the last one

Auntie Flo' said...

Snap, Newmania! I also read the Mail - and the Sun now they support the Conservatives - plus the Telegraph and a plethora of others, including the Guardian.

I was a daily Guardian reader until Toynbee's 'Put a peg on your nose and vote Blair' campaign in 2005, that was the thin end of a slither of a wedge for me. so I vetoed it for a couple of years.

Good post about Campbell: how dare this sleazy, former porn writer talk down to Mail readers! The man's a bl**dy disgrace to his country.

It speaks volumes about Blair that Campbell was his director of strategy. But then Blair was clearly totally dependent on Campbell for his weasly lies. I shall never forget the documentary about Blair where the camera caught Campbell psyching him up prior to an interview:

"Tell me again", a clearly panic sticken Blair pleads of Campbell, "what do I say if he asks me...?"

An angry, hectoring Campbell replies:

"You say...", then repeats it.

That these were the people running our country - into the ground - is unbelievable.

Newmania said...

Not much change since really Flo and I notice the odious Balls is gearing up to carry on the good work

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