Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Truth

Some of us have been saying this for a long long time .It will take a while for people to realise but when they do this could finish the Labour Party


El-Kevo said...

We now have an economic recovery on our hands. (0.1% - yipee !)

Anything that the Tories do will have sabotaged that 'recovery'.

One thing Labour is is a master spin machine. They will get away with it by the skin of their teeth.

Cameron will get the blame in very many circles.

Newmania said...

True dat

Colleen said...

Slithering over the real and metaphoric ice while out campaigning with the Conservatives during the past fortnight - and I shall be out in the freezing cold again tomorrow evening - we're seeing a very different electorate from that we saw 5 years ago. A lot of Labour supporters are very angry indeed and have thrown in the towel on Labour. The issue is which way they will jump ship: UKIP, BNP or Conservative?

There seems to be, however, a new zip of realism in the air, many recognise that the only way to achieve their dearest wish and get rid of Brown and Labour is to vote Conservative. What Cameron has done with his detox is to make it that much more possible and likely for Labour voters to jump in his party's direction.

Mind though, the situation is highly volatile still: any one out there who wants to eject Brown, get out there, please, and help either your own Conservative Association or, even better, that of yuour nearest Labour marginal to blast Brown into oblivion.

Newmania said...

You are really putting your back into it aren`t you Colleen

Colleen said...

I just cannot live with another 5 years of Brown and Labour, Newms, I couldn't bear it, nor can Britain.

Living in one of the of the most marginal of the Labour marginals, I feel compelled to do everything I can to get Brown and zanulab out of my town and the Conservatives elected here. I hope Conservatives in other Labour marginals are doing the same.

It's just a few months out of our lives, anyone as desperate to be rid of Brown and Nulab as I am should be asking themselves how they can contribute to the election campaign. If the Conservatives are a shoo in where you live, then please consider helping out in a Labour marginal where extra effort can be so crucial. Brown must be given the boot!

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