Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Deep and Philosophical Balls

David Marquand of Compass fame , is the soul of the progressive left. Imagine my surpise then when , in an article mysteriously entitled Europe's 1788 moment ,I read some sense ..
“The trouble is that architectural improvements ( of the Lisbon Treaty ) do not compensate for the grossly defective process that led up to the treaty.”
Damn right Davey boy, I thought, you have smelt the proverbial coffee .You cannot impose , by bureaucratic obfuscation, a project abandoned by Phillip of Spain ,Boney , Adol.. , ... and then I read on ..
.."..they both provided an ideal opportunity for continent-wide reflection and debate on the possible constitutional futures of the diverse new Europe...”
Do what? Are you saying that the most serious problem you can find in the mendacious elitist card trick employed to abolish the Nation, is the lack of an opportunity for you and your idiot friends to posture ? Gosh what a chump.. (or something ).
Polly Toynbee claimed that a United States of Europe had been abandoned .Really ? ... Over to you Dave
“.....it is time for Europeans to escape from the conceptual box of the classical nation state, and debate... Europe of today is not a million miles away from the America of the 1780s”
Like feck its abandoned . Thankfully it will happen over my cold dead body, and as I intend to live forever, by sucking the life force from teen age virgins ,that means never . The effort to avoid the gaping Empirical maugh of the Socialist super state is a bit more like the American Revolution if anything .

This academic Don Quixote can no longer see the bleeding obvious . Europe is not a United States of anything and thrilling reasons why it might be better if it was are balls at a deep and philosophical level...

"I should like balls infinitely better," said Caroline Bingley, "if they were carried on in a different manner ... It would surely be much more rational if conversation instead of dancing made the order of the day.
"Much more rational, I dare say," replied her brother, "but it would not be near so much like a Ball"

Profundity provided by CS Lewis who quotes the above ( Jane Austen of course ) writing against Priestesses in Church worth reading

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