Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Hopi Bashing Season ( Elven Safety )

My favourite New Labour astro turfer is unimpressed with nice Mr. Cameron`s balanced call for sense over Health ans Safety .... I have been ranting

Tolkein had a near breakdown when his American publisher translated Elven into Elfin. Imagine the temptation though.
Anyway back to bashing Hopi .Funding for health and Safety has been very poor lately actually , are you sure you are making the right case . You want more deaths don’t you not less?

By crass populism, ,you seem to mean incidents that resonate with people’s experience of the micro managing state . I speak as man who just volunteered to be Father Christmas by the way ( this very eve ) , for the PTA…. Ho ho ho ho ho , they said , not so fast there , they said .Many are the checks to be done ….” But you know me ?” , I said, echoing so many others . Idiotic of course but it keeps someone employed and lets the rest us all know who we work for .
I have no doubt you would like to keep the “debate’ focussed on the Health and safety Departments Promo Brochure and its New Labour stats . What about the 3000 Ilfracombe people sitting in front of giant screen of a bonfire ,the Torbay Palm Trees taken down in case they injured someone ( Compared to Tigers by the local Coucil), the clown told to stop blowing bubbles, Ms. Val Temple ordered to remove Robin and Miss Piggy cakes because they impied the presence of Robin and Pigmeat . Yes I have a thousand more but I can also quote to you my own experience of Nursery and School. which is, if anything, even worse than the headlines and ,my god ,the waste of money its obscene ! ! Ask a real person Hopi , just one !
You see its not just Elven Safety , its the whole bossy booted nanny knows best infantilising contempt for tax paying adults who though they were the dog not the tail . Most people Hopi are not interested where one ends and another begins .

The odd thing is that New Labour have themselves worried about it . Ed Balls demanded that children be allowed to face naked conkers . Gordon Brown asked the Better Regulation Commission to produce a more rounded document presenting Public Risk . Ah dear what happened to that ? Our own dotty Norman Baker is always on about the absurd results the big state he supports … go figure . It was the BRC who produced “Risk Responsibility and Regulation” . What happened about that Hopi ? You should know , what happened the realisation by New Labour that over regulation was harming our Economy . Not only that it is harming the human spirit .
Only in America would you get sued for failing to say your house was haunted , only in America would you get £1500,000 for tripping on unwept leaves or seek damages for a chair that makes flatulent noises except these are all UK examples . We seem to have invented a malevolent hybrid with the worst of the US litigious culture and the European bossy booted Bureaucracy as well .
AB ( a fawning accolyte of New Labour ) ,is confused , as usual .On the specific issue of Health and Safety at Work it is Statute Law ie Employments Legislation that informs the legal environment not general Tort . The Liability of the Employer is virtually strict Liability and might as well be Workers Comp as it in the US and elsewhere . It is a leap of faith I can only admire to suppose that the box tickers that pester Contractors ( who as you rightly say do the dying ) do any good , they are not there Hop old son, they GO AWAY ….. I can think of a thousand reasons why conditions have improved mostly driven by the Insurance Industry better technology (New Plant has a ten year turnover remember ).I can sell you a soft wear package which takes Employees and subbies through modules tracks their virtual signatures and ends up being giant Health and Safety waiver of responsibility . You have no idea , what goes on .I don’t think actual workplace conditions are the main issue here though , it’s the general sense that we are no longer allowed to think for ourselves , assume our own risks and be free responsible adults .


Bill Quango MP said...

Good bit on newsnight last night about it.
The head of the regulator said there is too much regulation!
Paxo says "But you make the regulations?!!"

Bloke says "yes ..I know."


Mike Giggler said...

Would Donal Blaney be your lawyer?

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