Friday, November 13, 2009

What Racists Say

I noticed this left wing “joke” reading John B`s Blog. John B, I should explain holds a macabre fascination for me. He is an Oxbridge nerd who is into, “Intelligent girl pop”, and talks about how “Intelligent” he is and “intelligence”. He adopts what he thinks is a furious disdain for the folly of man and ends up sounding like peevish hairdresser , excellent ;I enjoy it enormously when I can bear the pathos .
Anyway ' chump' , though he be , I still thought “Things Racists Say” ,was pretty funny, this is the sort of thing...
What racists say-Why is there not a music of white origin award ?
What racists say -What would you say if there was a white Policeman’s Federation ?

Of course what they really mean is “ What working class people say”.....Hey whats the matter I`m, still laughing ?

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