Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweet Sanity

Such the weirdly religious enthusiasm of Pro Europeans that you can start to wonder if it is indeed you who is going mad . Its nice to see Simon Jenkins in the Guardian establish some fixed points of sanity
Nothing in recent constitutional history has been more cynical – or more dangerous – than the fact that referendums voting yes to euro-integration are accepted and those that vote no are rejected.
(Yaaaas Reverend ! )
Observers of European federalism since the 1990s scandals have watched it squirm from the democratic limelight towards a fantasy continent whose attempted integration defeated Charlemagne, the popes, Napoleon, Hitler and the Comintern. Nothing had been learned, nothing even about the failings of over-regulation, over-subsidy and over-centralisation – and nothing about democratic transparency. The language of the Lisbon treaty is that of an elite of 40 years ago
(Yaaaaas Reverend I feel you !)

I do hope he is joking a when he claims Brown is himself Euro-sceptic . He is about as Anti EU as he is anti immigration

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