Friday, November 20, 2009

The Changing Face Of The BNP

Inflicting Margaret Hodge on Barking was the ultimate New Labour arrogance . It was she who lost Islington for Labour . With 50% in social housing ,70% of whom are on benefits , that ought to have been impossible, but with her busts of Lenin, lunatic squander and blind eye for the collapse of child services, she did it . She is a walking insult to the core Labour vote , the “Taken for granteds”.
In a Poll quoted by Nick Cohen in 'What’s Left' and in “The Likes Of Us” ( A biography of the white working class )35% of Labour voters say the BNP are their second choice Party . If there was a Nationalist Party for the working classes ,as there is elsewhere , on the continent it would break the Labour coalition .
As Geoff Randall remarks today it is as fatuous for Labour to pose as the answer to excessive immigration as it is to suggest they are the drug for fiscal insanity On many issues the likes of Harriet Harman, and the average Labour voter ,live on different planets .The progressive foot remians their traditional support`s neck only becuse there is "No where to go" and as long as the BNP are a racist Party that will not change . .Now the BNP has its first non white member

Rajinder Singh, an anti-Islamic activist who describes the religion as a 'beast', has lent his support to the far-right party for the last decade even though he currently remains barred from joining because of the colour of his skin.But he will soon be able to sign up as a fully-fledged BNP member after the party last weekend began the process of changing its constitution so its membership rules do not discriminate on the grounds of race or religion.

Can a respectable Nationalist and socially conservative working class Party evolve from its disgraceful past ? There is a very long way to go but this is a first step . For New Labour the worry is not so much that Nick Griffin has not changed : but that perhaps he has.


Bill Quango MP said...

If only the racism was their only problem.
Their economic policy is so Statist even Gordon would think it a bit much.

A terrible joke party. But the question of why isn't there a real working class party, one that could 6 -7 % of the vote is a mystery.

Newmania said...

I am certainly not a fan of their socialism myself BQ or indeed the sort of paleozoic social conservatism I hear.

I can sympathise on the other hand with Labour voters who feel Labour is imposing a progressive agenda with their votes they do not like .

hatfield girl said...

Perhaps the Conservatives might put a bit more effort and a higher profile to that part of their coalition that is working class.

Aspirational working class doesn't necessarily mean wanting to become middle class; it can mean being comfortably off and economically secure enough, in settled communities of like-minded people to achieve usual life goals at reasonable ages and stages in life, - and race doesn't come into that unless it's deliberately used to stir up socially conservative communities. Which is what Labour have used it for. The comfortable in their skins, in their standard of living, and in their community working people should vote Conservative. There's no excuse for voting BNP, none at all.

Newmania said...

Such people often do vote Conservative HG in fact they are a vital part of any winning coalition and always have been.

There are areas however where employment is usually unionised housing often coucil housing and the public sector is key.
In such areas there is not usally a Conservative presence

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