Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Location Famed For Its Cosy Intimacy...

England’ is already the most crowded country in Europe except Malta although the Netherlands are also more crowded if you only count land area .England’s population density is 1,010 people per square mile and we come 25th on the most crowded list .If you take a close look , however , with one or two eye popping exceptions, we are about as squished as it gets .Monaco, San Marino Jersey Gibraltar Nauru and Tuvalu for example, push us down six places but have a combined population slightly less that that of Croydon . The majority above us are City States with only three true countries more claustrophobic (Bangladesh Taiwan and South Korea ) Otherwise there is no country above us as large as London. If , more reasonably you compare us with France they have three and a half times as much space each
So how bad is it ….

1-The population of the world last year was 6.69 billions

2-The countries more densely populated than England total 263 million .

3-Therefore 96% of the world has more space per bod in their country than we do

To what question was ... “ An open door immigration policy” , ..the answer ,I wonder ?


Bill Quango MP said...

The city states also benefit from the fact that up to half of those listed as resident don't actually live there.
There isn't enough housing in Monaco
to support the population if there was a Herod like census order..

electro-kevin said...

"There may be trouble ahead ..."

Steps out in dancing shoes.

People say that property values will continue to go up with population density and will sustain our standard of living.

Oh really. Well look at the abject poverty in Bangladesh, Taiwan and South Korea. They forget that wealth comes from education and skill - not through packing a country to the brim with illiterates.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The question was "how do we increase the size of our client state and guarantee more Labour votes?"

Newmania said...

Ek my thoguhts exactly

WY ...Hmmm I think Mr,. Neather was saying just that

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