Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Climate Change

Over the last year that what I can only call 'political climate change' has eroded the old certainties about taxation versus cuts . No doubt there will be flat earthist deniers ,but the polls do seem to follow the money .Now I see a Survey in the Speccie adding new weight to the thesis . ‘72 per cent believe that spending has risen too high.' it says ' Just 15 per cent consider spending too low. The cutters outweigh the spenders by four-to-one.'( Politics Home Survey of 1,406 )’
Of course political climate change has complex effects . Some may be rather cooler than previously ……
Cool- Michael Howard --
In 2002 as shadow Chancellor he drew attention to the savings ratio, which was at an all-time low; (it has hit many more all-time lows since.) In 2003 he warned that savings had halved under Labour, that Labour were borrowing more and families were getting deeper into debt. Tried to get elected ona savings ticket , was lambasted .Cool!
Frosty -Paul Moore -The former head of risk at HBOS predicted that the bank’s actions could lead to disaster before being fired by Brown adviser Sir James Crosby the bank’s former chief executive
....some will start to feel an uncomfortable heat around their flabby necks

Grill -John Foster who left his 'social care scandal' ridden Wakefield Council a Year ago with a severance payment of £340,000 ,on top of his annual Salary of £205,000.…. Roast alive - All Nine Executives of th Environment Agency responsible for flood management who were all paid five figure bonuses as the country to took boats having met 42 of their 49 targets Incinerate -Richard Grainger responsible for NHS Computer systems paid £285,000.… (and what a success that was) (2006) Set aflame - Iona Jones in 2006 paid £145000 to run the Welsh Fourth Channel watched by 104,000 viewers Roast - James Braithwaite of SEEDA spent £51000 on taxis 2007 Fry -SEEDA representative in its mystifying Stuttgart Office paid £89,000 for 8 months part time work Griddle - Chief Executive of Kent County Council Peter Gilroy who got £229000 per annum in 2007 Toast -Ian Smith the Birmingham Tarffic Light Engineer who was paid , in 2006 mind you , £71,000 plus £16,000 bonus for being on call plus £5000 overtime .......
For some the heat may become unbearable ...
Gas Mark 8 - Hector Sants Chief Executive of the FSA -Salary at least £500,000 -Spending £263,300,000 -Staff 2659

Burn in hell-~( who else) Gordon BrownMarch 2004 “ ( Bonuses ) have ...contribute quite a substantial amount to the additional revenue …”3 Months later …” ( Bonuses ) I think it is sometimes forgotten they are a major source of extra revenue …” Surely not the ..“ Short term deals that have no relation to long term performance” and “..are damaging to the economy" he disapproves of ?Fancy.

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