Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Brought Up On An Estate !

Parky hasbeen rather nasty about Jade ....would he have dared ... ?
This what he really said ... with one or two words changed it goes like this...." She has her own place in the history of television and, while it’s significant, it’s nothing to be proud of.Her death is as sad as the death of any young person, but it’s not the passing of a martyr or a saint, 'When we clear the media smokescreen, what we’re left with is a woman who came to represent all that’s paltry and wretched about Britain today. 'She was brought up on an estate, as a child came to know nothing , was barely educated, ignorant and puerile.'His words are bound to come under fire from her legions of fans, who dubbed her the 'People`s Princess'.


Raedwald said...

Yes, she was brought up on an estate - Althorp (pronounced Althrop by the same sort of sycophantic moron that imagines 'pole' to be the correct voicing of 'Powell')

She was barely educated, having taken and failed *all* her 'O' levels twice.

She was ignorant. She was jejune (unless Puer rather than Puella is a hint at her tomboyishness).

The mawkishness of the British public at her death was saccharine and cloying as formalin.

Sorry, who were we talking about again?

WV = wings; no kidding

Newmania said...

Crickey you are in splenetic form R which makes me rather nervous if I confess you have rather lost me with your last sentence

WV ? Wings ..... no . I `ve got nothing here .

Auntie Flo' said...

Never did like that jumped up snob Parky and this is one more reason not to. I don't care what Jade did or did not do in the rest of her life. From dreadful beginnings, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and I respect her for that.

She also faced a nasty death with the sort of courage that makes me proud of her, proud to be English and proud to (almost) live in East Angular. Jade redeemed herself at end of her young life.

I love Diana and her boys too.

Newmania said...

They both seemed perfectly alright to me Flo but I did not do the Di thing at all and found the whole emoting period wierd

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I spent the afternoon of Dianas funeral down the pub ( no telly ) while that of Jade passed entirely unoticed.
Well said Parky.

Raedwald said...

Don't you believe in lickle angels then, Newms? (wings, angels ....oh, I'll get my coat)

david cameron's forehead said...

Auntie Flo', I must take issue with your statements. Parkinson, so far from being a snob, is a Yorkshire miner's son who has not forgotten his roots.

But he is part of another working class, one of earnest self-improvers who valued education as the way to create a better life, such as he acquired at a grammar school & those like him often did.

Jade Goody clearly had some go about her, probably more than I have. If she had been encouraged & supported properly as a child, which clearly poor people are as able to do as anyone else, then she wouldn't have been so ignorant.

A surprising number of chavs, etc. are actually quite bright, but have been sunk in the mire of the "culture" they grew up in. It is not a bad thing to say that this culture should be done away with & replaced by one inspired by the attitudes of those who realised long ago that just because people are from humble origins, it doesn't condemn them to a life of stupidity & ignorance.

This is what people were thinking when they created the friendly societies, the working men's clubs, organisations such as the WEA, which aimed to ensure that no one capable of benefiting from education should be without it due to financial circumstances & that. For that metter, it is the same with the unions, which whatever you think of them politically are an example of the working class organising itself & demanding improvement in their conditions.

Yes, you could say Jade Goody is admirable for her entrepeneurship. But, given that she was presumably intelligent, it is right to mourn that she was brought up to despise education.

Most people will never be celebs, but there are lots of children in poor homes who could thrive given the right encouragement & that. One thinks, not only of the working-class autodidacts of old, but also of Asian & Jewish families who have improved their lot through having their work & effort.

The fact is that most social mobility is not sexy & aspiring to be famous/win the lottery. is a dead end in more than 99 of 100 cases.

Newmania said...

The fact is that most social mobility is not sexy & aspiring to be famous/win the lottery. is a dead end in more than 99 of 100 cases.

Not true , social mobility has declined under Labour but the largest determinant of your outcome is stil your IQ by a long way

Little Black Sambo said...

"She was ignorant. She was jejune."
She was not jejune - look it up.

Newmania said...

1. without interest or significance; dull; insipid:
2. juvenile; immature; childish: jejune behavior.
3. lacking knowledge or experience; uninformed

matter of opinion LBS- I was not much taken with her myself ( No opinion one way or the other really ).

Little Black Sambo said...

"Jejune" - "definition" 2 surely can't be right? What dictionary is that in? Is it making a concession to misunderstanding? (Perhaps there is a belief that it is connected with the French "jeune"?)

Newmania said...

Only an online thing LBS I think I know what you are getting at its probably rubbish

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