Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Accidental Death Sparks Rejoicing!

Well aren’t they happy as pigs in shit . The general Secretary of the Fabian Society a society dedicated to deceitfully assisting the birth of a Marxist state , is over joyed . Mummy’s precious ickle Stalin , prat Hundal of (mum’s house ) and illiberal Conspiracy , just cannot wait to stick the boot in .The Guardian are having a Party and Harry`s Game , are sniffing smelling salts ,at the terrible Police brutality . Numerous other fatuous poseurs can scarcely disguise their glee .Here it is , here is the source of all this jubilation .
So the Police moved the unfortunate ( and presumably lost) Millwall supporter Ian Tomlinson on ,and Tristan and Pandora ,out for the revolutionary picnic, caught it on camera . They pushed him,it would appear, with an imperfect delicacy , a want of courtly consideration. Well I am shocked shocked !
It is sad that he died of a heart attack but this is what we call an accident . Accidents are inevitable when hoards of clueless wasters turn up to threaten workers , vandalise property and create trouble .If anyone is to blame it is the authorities who absurdly allowed this violent protest to go ahead ,the goons who terrorised ordinary people , and lets not forget the The Liberal MPs who cheered them on .
Baroness Williams, Simon Hughes, Chris Huhne and David Howarth – mendaciously acted as ‘legal observers’ to ensure the freedom to protest peacefully. In fact they are sucking up to their dogs on string vote as any fule do know. As Finkelstein points out, this was an “an extraordinary insult to the police” .
When the Police made a tragic error and shot Jean Charles de Menezes ,the same constituency of anti English racists ,hard left revolutionaries and Liberal bleeding hearts lined up to bash Plod . . Relatives of those slaughtered like cattle by Muslims ,however , were unimpressed that the wholesale premeditated murder was relatively speaking ignored.


Roger Thornhill said...

This event is precisely what the Fabian Fifth Column want and AFAICT it is all of their making.

JuliaM said...

I'm not sure that comparisons with De Menezes are warranted. The intent there was to cause death (right policy, wrong man). I know everone's doing it, but still!

The intent here cannot have been to cause the death of Ian Tomlinson. Far from it...

Newmania said...

I did not mean there was a comparison in that sense I meant there was a comparable willingness to bash the Police.

JuliaM said...

Oh, yes. There's no doubt about that.

As I saw a commenter point out on another blog (can't remember which one though) where were these people crying about this when the Countryside Demo was reporting similar rough treatment?

LibertyMine said...

Finally someone in blogworld has a rational view on the Ian Tomlinson heart attack.

Thank you.

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