Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stupid and Evil

A Comment I made recently concerning the left and Israel

Oh what a delightful soufflé of cant has risen .Yummy. X , my new best friend , I don’t have to join your jejune fiction that we care desperately about “ World peace” . Perhaps you see your self as a flaming sword of moral protest .To me you sound something like a prattling beauty queen.
I`m not going to get into the screaming delusions of those who boycott improperly sourced fruit to the point of catching scurvy , at another time it would give huge pleasure .Here I am only pointing out that the claim , made by X that he motivated by humanitarian conscience does not stand up to scrutiny
It will not , as his delicate antennae is demonstrably more delicate when the Jews are involved . Simple , obvious and true . Similarly the left still will not admit that Stalin’s slaughter was as bad as Hitler’s ,that black Africa tribalism is a s bad as white African tribalism , and often worse, that a police mistake is not as bad as the deliberate slaughter of innocent Londoners , that the left were wrong over unilateral disarmament ( and ok right-ish on S Africa),wrong on Zimbabwe
You see little X ,this is the problem with the left , so long as you tell yourselves you mean well , you are safe to sit in the stink of your self delight . It was pathetically stupid , for example , to believe a dictatorship the Soviet Union would give up their weapons if we did first, but not evil , oh well that’s alright then . It was absurd to start excusing a genocidal gangster just to be against America , dumn dumn dumb , but not evil oh no . The utter inability to understand the threat of militant Islam is motivated by god knows what idiocy , puerile , fatuous catastrophically self regarding and useless , but not evi.l oh no.
It is finally quite ridiculous not see that the state of Israel is vastly better than its opponents and the fact it is better at defending itself than ,thus far, they have been at destroying it , is a cause for celebration not hand wringing . If you want to do a body count sod off and hand out some Winter woolies , you might actually make a difference .


Daisy said...

i don't take a stand either way on this and the reason is because of choice...there is choice above hardheadedness, pride, religion, etc...and the people who live in that area have plenty of choice...and they make the decisions they make and have to live with the consequences...just like i make decisions every day which affect which direction my life will lead...

tory boys never grow up said...

Your point about some on the left being blind to the failings of those they support is of course absolutely correct - but there are others (although some will try and define the likes of Orwell, Hitchens, Martin Amis etc as neocons or similar) who do not believe on letting the end justify the means

The only sensible course of action is to condemn wrong/evil on both sides rather than playing stupid justification games. I don't like Militant Islam (or militant anything for that matter) - but that in itself cannot justify all the actions of the Israeli Govt (or vice versa for that matter)as you seem to be trying to do.

adrian said...

Some Interesting Research

Their New World Order for us Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Of course we were warned about the Globalists.

and not just once either.

Do you really believe Oswald could arrange this

or this

or this

or this

What is this non specific 'Change' he keeps talking about, has anybody bothered to ask him.
Who Knows, but it's obviously not this :-

Newmania said...

Allo TB.
I `m not quite sure I quite agree with that. In the introduction to my big book of Israel and the Middle East it says objectivity is often used as a way of staying equivalences that do not exist . If you entirely ignore what I call the landscape of behaviour and apply ground up standards selectively you can tell lies without doing so. For example , passive smoking has a tiny and unproven carcinogenic effect. Well yes but so does Broccoli and so does walking around so does working etc. Richard Dawkins has discussed this use of disproportion to lie quite well when asked is there “any “ chance you could be wrong , as an expert witness in a court.

You have missed Nick Cohen from your list , the most conspicuous debunker of the left in What’s Left where discusses just this means by which the left ends up on the side of the fascists just to be against the West and not to be racist
With Israel if you apply standards from middle England you can condemn their behaviour and they have no doubt made misjudgements . I am generally supportive but not that fussed either way. Its really a left wing thing to play our a world battle from your bedroom. I find the Chez of the desert approach to hamas amusing
PS Orwell - have you ever read the Lion and the Unicorn . I did the other week , fantastic read , he is certainly a socialist then .I believe a sudden revulsion followed but its not what he said . Anyways if you have not read it for a while its really worth it .

david cameron's forehead said...

Nick Cohen berates "the left" because he is left-wing, he genuinely believes in universal human rights which is exactly why he despises Islamism & excuse-making. I am the same.

We berate the pro-totalitarians because they are false to left-wing values & it offends us to see them betraying the people in the Third World who want to be free, such as the Iranian secularists & feminists.

I do not take a stand either way on Gaza, but it sickens me to see people cuddling up to Islamists & others who loathe what they claim to believe in.

Reading his latest article in the Observer, it's hardly the work of a conservative. Having these values doesn't make us right-wing, it makes us principled & consistent leftists, who by being leftists will not share your values.

tory boys never grow up said...

I saw you read the Lion and Unicorn - and I had already left a comment on your previous posting on the subject. One of my favorites - the best explanation as to why nationalism and patriotism are different. When someone writes so clearly you instintively know it has to be true.

Yes Nick Cohen can go on the list - but as dcf points out he is clearly still of the left.

Newmania said...

So I see , I am afraid you are still labouring under the delusion that what a writer says he is doing is in fact what he is doing TB.
Oh no no no.

I think if you looked at it again you might be suprised at how times has changed it

Newmania said...


Yes but without the collection of ad hoc bleeding heart ishews , all you have left is a theory about the organisation of sciety which is long dead.

J said...

You hit the nail on the head. Israel is a successful democracy fighting a terrorist state.

Yesterday Hamas announced a ceasefire for 6-18 months to start at 7am today. At just after 9am it fired four Kassams into Israel.

The rockets and mortars have continued since the "ceasefire" came into effect two weeks ago, and it will only be so long before Israel says enough is enough. You can't expect to keep a million israelis in bunkers forever.

Just checked - it's now 8 rockets fired by Hamas into Israel this morning since the Hamas ceasefire announcement.

Israel is fighting our war, we just don't realise yet.

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