Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Many Muslims Hate Us ?

Its hard to make make judgements about a community whose brothers and mothers are unable to spot murderers at breakfast until after they have attempted to dump planes all over American Cities ? I have nonetheless tried
The Deobandi the ultra conservative sect responsible for spawning the Taliban has succeed in taking over 600 of Britain’s 1350 Mosques and 17 of Britain’s 26 Seminaries
MI5 boss (2007) Jonathan Evans said there were , then at least 4000 active terrorist plotters in Britain at that time . ( Think how may active IRA members there were and the support at entailed ),At that time he predicted a rise of 400 per year .
An inner core in 2006 April was put at 400 trained and ready to attack by The Home office . An estimated 16000 at that time were involved in a wider network at that time with 3000 having passed through training camps at some time
Populus Survey 2007 - 40% of Muslims between 16 and 24 would prefer to live under Sharia Law .
One in eight young Muslims admire -Al qa`eda and are “prepared to fight the West .
Three out of four young Muslims would prefer women to wear the veil or hijab.
40% of young Muslims said they would prefer their children to attend an Islamic school.
.Times 2006 -7% of Muslims thought suicide bombing was justified under some circumstances and that rose to 16% if there was a military target . This remember is UK Muslims talking about suicide bombing the UK.
13% though the 7.7 bombers were Martyrs , that’s about 256000
2004 Home office survey found that 26 % of British Muslims felt no loyalty to Britain at all(520,000).
13% defended Terrorism
In 2001 15% of UK Muslims supported the terrorist attacks on the USA
In 2004 13% felt further attacks on the USA were justified
1 in 10 actually supported the 7 ,7 attacks on our own country (200,000 ?)
Another Poll found that in 2004 found that 32 % believed Western society is decadent and Muslims should, seek to bring it to an end
So we have a picture of a core of trained fighters in the hundreds , thousands further who can be called on to fight and a wider active support system of about 16000. Outside that there is enthusiastic support from up to 250000 ? This by the way is rapidly worsening , the young being significantly more radical than the old .Moving to the so called moderate voices we cannot know but it does not appear they are actually opposed in an real way to this large minority within their community
Moderate Voices
The BCM denied the London bombings had anything to do with Islam
Mohamed Nasseem ( Birmingham Central) denied there was any proof the bombers were Muslims
Dr. Azzam Tammini of the Muslim Association said “ God Knows what will happen after , …as long as we are in Iraq “
The marketing manager for Muslims Weekly said At the end of the day these things are going to happen if current British foreign policy continues ….”
Murder after all has specific support from thre Koran …"Those who make war on god and his apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides or be banished from the land "
I think it would be fair to take the IRA as a model and extrapolate likely outer rings of support or tolerance from their numbers which are easier to get at as the IRA has an open political wing . I have not done it yet but thats the sort of approach I would take . So what the equivalent to a Sinn Fein vote would be ? I `d guess about 750,000 but you have all my evidence what do you think ?


an ex-apprentice said...

You may well be right. Certainly we have been very fortunate, on the whole, thus far in the amateur way plots have been conducted.
The degree of separation between "us" and "them" continues to grow. Politicians continue to ignore even the existence of the problem.
It becomes ever harder to see a possible solution, or even a peaceful one.

Daisy said...

i think...and have thought for some time that neither one of our respective countries should support them...i am tired of making sure they are included...being PC around muslims because of their religious beliefs...etc etc...i am not changing my life because someone else chooses to follow a different one says shit to the people who daily wish me a "blessed day" or tell me to "go with god" or the muslims who publicly practice their religious beliefs at my expense, yet i am an atheist and that is offensive to me...there is no real justice anywhere anymore...the PC police have forgotten amiss their public responses that some of us are offended by this, while all the while trying to bend over backwards to ensure they have the right to offend me...

Newmania said...

You have very little problem in the US Daisy wher Muslims seem to adopt a quite difrent attitude to here

Daisy said...

apparently they don't show the protests the muslims do here regularly...or that we have school who are forced to adopt principles based on the muslim religion...or the prejudice they institute in their stores which are supported under religious preference...i have seen how the british and americans seem to leave those headlines out of the newspaper...well unless a big building falls of course...

J said...

American muslims are no different to muslims elsewhere. Take a look at The Silent Majority blog to see the kind of demonstrations we have seen across western europe all across America.

I too am sick to the teeth of this muslim PC crap. I don't see hindus, sikhs, jews, etc making all these demands.

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