Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Are We Useless Why Are we Useless Why oh Why Oh Why ...

Auntie Flo has been busy telling me over the last few months what a disaster the Heathrow expansion was and I have been , mildly, suspicious of a hidden green agenda . I was impressed to see her points vindicated by Iain Martin in the DT today. It is the sheer incompetence of the development he rails against.. The CBI are against it , the airlines say it is in the wrong place . It takes up land needed for houses, if anything, or space if not , and it effects the lives of millions of Londoners with noise . Finally it poses a massive security problem as so many planes will now fly right over London.
The right thing to do would be what they did in Hong Kong .Build an artificial Island in the Estuary. This and the complementary rail links were built in six years for $20, billion
but this is the bit that impresses me ....That is the same cost as cross rail.
Looking at the our blithering ineptitude with prestige projects I have been chatting and checking with others on the disaster that is Wembley. Have a look at the comparisons below and then tell me why it is not a national scandal. Getting it wrong , as we obviously have with Heathrow is far more costly .As for the Olympics, the fact that Ken signed a blank cheque for Londoners is something Boris might well wish to mention . Love his article in the DT today by the way,do look ! Go Boris
Bukit Jalil Natianal Stadium in Malaysia , built for the Commonwealth games
Capacity 100,000
Cost £87 million
Finished 3 months early
Millenium Stadim Cardiff
Capacity 74,500
Cost £130 million
Finished on target
Sapporo Dome Japan, has a pitch that floats on a bed of air and they take it outside
Capacity 53,845
Cost £250 million
Finished 4 months early
Cowboys Stadium Texas (under construction)
Capacity 80,000
Cost £300 million (could “spiral” to £500 million)
On target
Wembley Stadium London
Capacity 90,000
Cost £798 million
Finished 3 years late
(And they already owned the land )

This is what comes of a governing class that know nothing getting things done in the real world .


Anonymous said...

Didn't own the land. Wasn't three years late.

Bit of fact checking wouldn't go amiss...

Newmania said...

I agree, check yours

Anonymous said...

Thanks, n. Don't forget that the same argument applies to the 2nd runway at Stansted.

In examing why nulab are so useless, perhaps we should examine the relationship between their cock ups and their tendency to produce policies which benefit nulab's donors, friends and families?

One recent example:

Gordon Brown's close family connections to the nuclear industry.

His younger brother, Andrew Brown, works for EDF Energy, the UK subsidiary of EDF, which operates nuclear power stations in France, and which is one of the leading companies pushing for a nuclear rebuild programme in the UK.

Andrew Brown was appointed as EDF Energy's Head of Press on 13 September 2004. Previously, he worked for the lobbying company Weber Shandwick. [2] ( [3] (

In November 2005, EFD’s Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz, told a parliamentary committee that new nuclear power stations could be built within ten years if planning and licensing laws are relaxed.

Bingo! Wadaya know...!

This morning a French radio station refered to EDF as “a favourite” to be granted the contract to build and run some of these power stations in the UK

And Yvette Cooper's dad, Tony Cooper - Ed Balls' father-in-law - is a long-standing nuclear lobbyist.

Is that what you call keeping it in the family?

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo...I `m so pleased you noticed. Are you anti nuclear power then , thats tricky, I am aware of the connection , Private Eye were very funny on it

Anonymous said...

Are you anti nuclear power then? (n)

Can't make up my mind on this one, n. However, the one thing I am sure of is that I am anti any nuke power system that Brown, nulab and their pals establish. God help us.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

I think Nuke is the only real choice as the Oil runs out .I do take your point about the competence issue though.

Tricky one , I`m not sure really myself

Ed said...

Why Are We Useless

Comprehensive education, disincentives to work, penal taxation.

Ed said...

I think Nuke is the only real choice as the Oil runs out .

The new nukes are not reducing our reliance on oil, they are reducing our reliance on the old nuclear stations.

The oil won't run out until well after this new generation of nukes have been decommissioned.

Newmania said...

Ed.... Oh alright picky , reducing our reliance on Oil and Gas which is going to run out has insecure sources and is enviromentally damaging...
Ie reduving it by comparison to the state of 'it' ,had we not continued to use nuclear energy.
Sounds like we need more of it

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to gamble £50 that the new nuke power stations won't soon after their inception be found to be staffed by illegals with a liberal sprinkling of terrorists?


Thought not.

Auntie Flo'

electro-kevin said...

Why are we useless ?


One guy says to the other, "Your Mum's a cunt, your Dad's a cunt and you're a cunt. And if you were in a competition to find the biggest cunt you'd come second."

"Why ?" said the bewildered recipient of this ire. The response ?
"Because you're a CUNT !"

In answer to your first question, Newmania, we're all cunts.

Cheating, useless, dishonest, slack-arse cunts.

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