Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early Day Motions Newmania Style

Looks like David Cameron’s notions of getting the idle back to work are going down pretty well. Odd isn’t it how the un-sayable suddenly becomes sayable again. I wonder how far we can take this...
Drugs – We seem to have given up, the Police say its pointless you cannot stop people doing something they want to do. IN CHINA in one day they rounded up 20,000 dealers and users and shot them( in a stadium). Result- No drugs problem
Prisons- We are overcrowded and our response is to let offenders out again to wreak havoc on the innocent – IN ANCIENT ROME- They left the prisoners in room and told the man his families wealth would be confiscated unless he saved them the cost of keeping him, by committing suicide with the handy sharp object provided . Win win
In SICILY there was a long term Mafia problem – Not when Mussolini got hold of it ,rounded them all up , and shot them. The problem was reintroduced by the WW2 Allies who used refinanced the crime families to assist in their push up from Africa .
Petty Crime – Hey its just part of the joys of urban life , more chance of getting rid of rats ..or is it -Before the famous “Rumble In The Jungle “, fight in Zaire , the government was concerned that the criminal element might embarrass the country. They rounded them all up and shot every tenth one with a warning that if there was one squeak ,they would be back. The idea was based on the punishment meted out to "failing" legions in by Rome, and from which the word 'decimate', comes

China are the champs though are they not, population problem , solved . You only get one child , now thats real green policy. If you think about it though that means that in a few years they will have tiny working population supporting a massive aging 'pig in the demographic pipe'.

It may not be all beer and skittles for the slitty eyed devils yet and contrary to rumour Mussolini did not get the trains to run on time


tory boys never grow up said...

That's the problem with all dictators they let the ends justify the means - and then they start wanting undesirable ends as well.

Newmania said...

...yes those power mad statist micro managing unelected leaders you mean....hint hint

tory boys never grow up said...

Which one do you mean - Eden, MacMillan, Home or Major - funny how the Tories can change their leader so often without having an election straightaway, but then forget when Labour does the same.

And Major was having an affair with Edwina Currie as well! So no disqualification on grounds of bad taste either.

BTW - Coming from good Chartist stock - I actually belive in fixed term parliaments - but I do believe that the proposal should be put to the electorate first.

Little Black Sambo said...

I expect Lewes is like other provincial towns in suffering from endless low-level nuisance from the yoof, who are scarcely ever even so much as told to stop: loutish behaviour, noise, breaking and spoiling things in public places. Before the war they would have been birched at the town hall. Some nasty and possibly disproportionate punishment would do the trick. Death squads, perhaps.

Newmania said...

Weak TB, there was no specific promise that those leaders mighht not take over was there , and neither was there the implicit promise that the New Labour project would control the left. ( The reason the promise was made). Brown`s "Continuity"IRA accession lacks validity in a new way

Personally I think Edwina was a bit of a Fox in her day.

fixed term Parliaments- I`ve not seen a convinsving arguement its worth the bother of changing yet but maybe maybe .

Death squads LBS ? Wimpy Liberal !

tory boys never grow up said...

Not that weak - i seem to remember Thatcher saying something about going on and on before her last General Election and she hardly went of her own free will - and what about MacMillan's terminal illness?

As Edwina being a fox - now I know you're joking.

The important point about fixed term parliaments - is that the winning party has to propose in a General Election or there has to be a referendum - they are the only ways of chnaging our Constitution if we want to remain a democracy

Newmania said...

is that the winning party has to propose in a General Election

1-Yes yes , then you would agree that when a new administration takes over with a new direction the place to put that vision(ho ho) is in a general election , not two years of stolen power.

2-I dispute your anti Edwina comments and would venture a guess that she was a better shag than you will ever have. Admittedly the evidence is somewhat circumstantial/non existent, but I do remember socialist wimmin from years ago and fun they were not .

(OK you may have a point grrrr )

Ed said...

Fixed term parliaments only make sense if the executive is separated from the legislature IMHO - a worthy cause in its own right.

Philipa said...

One of my babes does early day motions just like Camerons only she uses a potty.

David Davis said...

Newmania, you have lost the plot here.

As a libertarian I have no intention of letting States or their "authorities" kill people judicially....UNLESS I as a sovereign individual (who lends said sovereignty to a State for a stated period, such as between elections, which I CAN CALL) have the same right; that is to say, to kill epople who harm me or mine.

The Chinese statist buggers who rounded up all these people are acting ultra vires. I agree with the Police here (not often!) Stop trying to make people not do what they want to do.

I cannot delegate a right to an agency (such as a State) if I don't possess the said right a-priori.

Therefore, the death penalty, and de facto also taxation, have gone out of the window right away, as things that states have arrogated to themselves while nobody was looking.

electro-kevin said...

No need to be so extreme.

Stocks, birching, hard labour.

These would work.

But the most difficult issue is that we have an expanding underclass. They are effectively rewarded to breed.

It would be both environmentally friendly and socially beneficial to neuter them.

And to people who think that that is too dictatorial oh dooo fuck off.

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