Friday, January 11, 2008

PR on PR

I have been attempting to convince Cicero Songs of the error of his ways and in the course of a prolonged bout of finger wagging had . a thought ( bum bum baaaa!) What would a PR vote on PR tell us . This is what I think :

"Finally think about what an administration is .When we decide what to do, some prefer one plan some another. Both would prefer any plan to a mish mash of cobbled bargains such as PR encourages. A PR vote on PR would yield a huge majority against ...PR .We should therefore have a tiny bit of it or none acording to its own principles . Some limited reform of the House of Lords might be justified on this basis but no more . That would roughly be the wishes of the people which you do not, ( Liberals ) apparently , care about ,despite the faux principles hastily flung up like a shanty town shed ."


Anonymous said... - your favourite friend in the news (again), courtsey of Dim Leb Voice.

Newmania said...

Thanks Justin ,i have just got my first leter int the PAPER IN LEWES A diatribe against Norman Baker

hatfield girl said...

What did you say - exactly?

Newmania said...

"Busy Mr. Baker may have all sorts of interesting ideas about the EU`s stipulations for waste,(Letter 1.4.08), but it will be news to many, that unelected foreign bureaucrats have any say on the vexed question of local incinerators at all. It will puzzle yet more, that an MP who advertises his concerns about transparency graft and local decision making, should blindly support an internationalist project awash with waste, and contemptuous both of our country and democratic accountability, as his Party does.

Contradictions abound. His much mocked parallel career in investigative journalism has earned our MP the reputation of being Lewes`s Miss Marple, but as a member of the left wing Beveridge group he supports exactly the dinosaur sized state which makes the abuse of taxpayers money he reveals ,inevitable .Furthermore, confusing our friendship with the US with handing over our country’s right to decide anything at all ,as he did, strikes me as ..what was the word he used about UKIP ..“unhinged”.

There may be a place for such picturesque “radicalism”, animal rights obsession and bizarre conspiracy theories. A sixth form debating society in about 1979 would be my suggestion but others, no doubt , find his eccentricities more appealing .

Perhaps they would bear in mind that the best way to ensure we continue to be bullied by the most authoritarian regime since the war is to vote for Norman Baker."

That was it HG although I can`t get it to set out properly ...they said you were limited top 300 words but O see they let others go on endlessly . I did get on the mainletters page though with a headline

"Puzzling MP"

The good thing is you at least have the pleasure of knowing he sat down and read it at breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Good piece for your local rag, n. Perhaps the route to the editor's heart is the EU then.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

There is a lot of anti EU feeling locally Flo and interestingly it goes with what I think of as Liberal sensibility. You would like it

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