Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tri -via

Tri via means three intersecting roads where people met to exchange gossip

Poor old Nicholas Soames who , in my view , is very far from a buffoon , is nonetheless treated to that description after some inadvisable quad bike high-jinks involving children in a trailer on the public highway. He was following the New Year hunt and of course the Daily Mirror has leapt upon him like a snarling hound . I did enjoy his reaction .."Those f*****s the hunt monitors are always out to get us in any way possible - and it's a coup to get a Tory MP."Not very diplomatic is it but you do recognize the feeling . I could be reasonable about this and chat about the pros and cons or I could just tell you to fuck off. Today I `m going with option B.

Did you know thatBernard Manning worked as security guard in Berlin’s Spandau prison watching over aging Nazis ...yes that’s right aging Nazis. Underline and write the word irony ..I know he is dead but so are they. ( BBC)
Incidentally there is great resistance in Germany to the smoking ban partly because such a draconian measure was last imposed by,.......Adolf Hitler . True and no surprise really. (Born the same day as Charlie Chaplin...honestly )

Great letter in the DT mentioning some facts Herr Braun might like to take into account when he decides who he will allowed to live in the light of his terrifying new lifetsyle plan. Those groups who make disproportionately large demands on the NHS include the following
1 Women
2 Poor People
3 Ethnic minorities
4 Unmarried men as compared to married men
As a white middleclass married males can I expect = to have the best of everything in the Brave New NHS our psychotic leader is trying to impose on us ? I somehow doubt it ..

Old News reheated this very morning tells us that England will shortly overtake Holland as the most densely populated European Country . It is already four times as crowded as France and this is mostly due to the torrents of immigration flooding onto the unprotected SE plains . Population was the apocalypse before climate change and similarly dire predictions were made .New ice ages including Polar Bears skidding good naturedly along the frozen Severn Estuary ( Nationwide), seemed on the cards and the George Moonbats of this word might like to notice how wrong the population doom-mongers were .
“There's been fretting at the prospect of the UK population swelling to 71 million by 2031. But big surges have been predicted before and they haven't always been right.
In 1965 the government's demographers and statisticians projected that the population in 2001 would be 75 million.
They were wrong. It was 58,789,194 on census day in 2001.”
That roughly accords with my estimation of the exaggerations of the professional panic brigade . Population and climate change are well worth watching but the excitable shrieking is not helpful.


Ed said...

Did you know that at one point France's population was 6 times England's?

Newmania said...

That would be in the early Medieval period I would guess Ed when England was stil coming out of the dark ages and France wss the centre of qwat has been called the medieval Rennaisance

Philipa said...

Every mention of Westminster goings on makes me a little more worried. Scary.

Philipa said...

Aside: Incidentally, on the subject of famous fascists *click* Sieg Heil!

If you look up the Daily Mail on Wiki you'll find Peter Hitchens listed between Dereck Draper and Adolf Hitler as "notable regular contributors". I just find that very amusing for some strange reason :-)

Newmania said...

Did you know Adfolf Hitler was born on the same day as Charlie Chaplin ?

Philipa said...

Now that is very interesting as Charlie Chaplin did a very good 'Great Dictator' and it was, allegedly, one of Hitlers favourite movies!

CityUnslicker said...

20th April, I never let my friend off that it is her birthday on that day too!

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