Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sex In 2050.....

People will be having sex with robots by 2050, an artificial intelligence expert has predicted.David Levy's book Love And Sex With Robots: The Evolution Of Human-Robot Relationships claims robots will become so lifelike that they will be hard to distinguish from real people.The 62-year-old, also a chess master, writes in his book: "Great sex on tap for everyone, 24/7. What's not to like?"Robot technology is advancing hugely across the world, with Japan in particular making great strides towards robots which can help out in homes or hospitals. Mr Levy also believes that relationships with robots may not just be about sex - people may end up marrying them as well.(Sky News)

Well , I have for an very long time demanded that the boffins stop all their genome and computer what-not and devote all their resources to the development of the pleasure –bot. It looks as though the “Weird Science” message is finally getting through but marry them ? Is that wise ?
I have been looking though the Economic and Research Council Britain 2008 and it troubles me . Nobel prize wining economist Gary Becker has an influential explanation of divorce suggesting that marriages without a specific task allocation are far more likely to fail. The traditional bread winner and’ ironing sex toy’, arrangement would seem to be ideal then . So far so good .
Wendy Sigle –Rushton of the Gender Equality Network ( impartiality assured ...), however, says that this trend is due to the double burden of earning and house work women find themselves in when they work . Her research shows than when men take on domestic chores the rate of divorce comes back down to the normal level.
I `ve got a horrible vision of the “Pleasure –bot” reading Cosmopolitan with a cocktail while I do the dusting .


Philipa said...

Sex with robots? Not for me, there is no substitute for a real man (and the last one was no substitute for a real man) tshhhh donk!

Though did anyone cath a prog last night that was all about women (in America by any chance?) spending loadsamoney on dolls as fill-in babies? Sad. And with the rise both in porn and instant gratification culture then I say it might be a good thing - peadophilia is on the increase as the internet 'normalises' such perversion so given that we can't hang the perverted bastards I hope the dolls catch on!

Newmania said...

I did see a bit of that P it squirmingly icky...I must say it hadn`t ioccyrred to me there might be a pleasure bot for a woman? Disgraceful idea

Philipa said...

Why not? As long as they don't look like pink rabbits climbing trees! I was pursuaded to try one of those things when I was paralysed from the waist down, to see if everything was paralysed. Never again. At the risk of sounding prudish I just cannot understand the appeal; there is no emotional element. Personally, pink plastic doesn't do it for me. However, watching Top Gear the other night and that Ferrari, well, my panties were bordering on moist. Now if they could translate the throb of a six cylinder engine to.... actually that's what motorbikes are for!

Newmania said...

there is no emotional element.

..and this is bad ?

CityUnslicker said...

I saw that telly show. How many takes must the voice over guy must have had to do to avoid the giggles coming through.

bunch of total loony women; I was pleased to see all the men, even the small child, telling them they were mad.

There is a real fun job though, doing those sarcastic voice-overs. much better than tapping away in a desk in an empty office like today!

Ed said...

I thought studies showed that porn reduced the likelihood for people to "act out" their naughty fantasies. That is not to say that child porn should be encouraged........!

The production of x-bots is surely a growth industry ;-)

electro-kevin said...

I can't see it happening myself.

Latex has to come on a hell of a long way to feel as good as a real minge.

You could substitute the woman easily enough mind you.


Newmania said...

EK!!!!! Brilliant to see you. Sound pojkt well made I think

electro-kevin said...

Happy New Year, Newmsie.

Philipa said...

You could substitute the woman easily enough mind you

tuh! Honestly..

Ed - I read that seeing other people act out perversions makes such behaviour seem normal, ie. if everyone else is doing it then it must be ok to do it. So watching child porn encourages acting out fantasies. I think the difference with normal porn is that the availability of the women in porn movies is not the same as being able to bully or cajole an innocent child. IMHO the service providers of internet child porn sites should be instantly shut down and prosecuted.

I'd roger a rabbit said...

Should'a seen my old girlfriend/boyfriend.

Boom boom.

Ed said...

I agree about child porn P, but I think videos of consenting adults should be freely available to adults and strictly restricted to under 18s. I don't think adult material is the scourge that N does.

Newmania said...

and strictly restricted to under 18s.

Truly the apocalypse is upon us"Under 18s ". I have no fear of pornography Ed or at least no irrational phobia ,I am far far from prudish. It is the example to girls and the unrelenting use of the body as a consumable source of gratificationthat wears me down.
I would like people to want it less return to adult sex and outgrow the perpetual adolesence of unrequited furtive desire .

Newmania said...

There is a real fun job though, doing those sarcastic voice-overs

I know someone who does advert voices CU they get a kings ransom

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