Monday, January 07, 2008

Compose Your Own Insult For Gordon Brown
Simple but in a very deep way satisfying . Pure..... and with an appropriate Scottish accent !


E said...


I run my loving fingers
Through his tousled hair-
Wild finches darting from his golden wheat fields...

I look deep into his eyes-
Blue sky kissing high summer...

Travis Bickle said...

I have to congratulate Gordon for his impact on reducing my carbon footprint. Every time the mendacious twat appears on TV spouting some pie in the sky announcement, which should be made by the relevant minister incidentally, my TV gets switched straight off. I have disliked many politicians in my time but I always took the trouble to listen to what they had to say, Brown is another level, a totally detestable human being who doesn't deserve to be listened to.

ps couldn't get the insulty thingy working so excuse the ad libbing.

Newmania said...

e sa8id need help

TB yesi] noticed you on Dizzy and starring on dale.

Pity the insult thingy is damn funny in pointless childish way

electro-kevin said...

Ha ha !

That is just soooo good. I've been posting it everywhere - to everyone who sent me one of those insufferable Go Elf Yourself over Christmas.

Newmania said...

Thanks EK simple but brilliant eh

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