Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Will Triumph Over Evil

Goody; Boris has errupted into life with a super new web site ,not that I ever doubted him. What a wonderful thing it would be for London to get some relief from the scourge of Livingstone and what a tremendous help to David Cameron.I have a vision , it is of Boris armed with the largest individual electoral mandate in the country ushering in a new golden age . It will be as if Yellow maned Aslan had finally slain the Snow ken ( er queen.. ok its a reach )Bells will joyously ring out the end of miserable bendy bus shaped class warfare and the City will call out to the country to unite behind David Cameron with new hopeful way forward for the country....why not ? Go Boris


electro-kevin said...

I thought that site said

Now that would have been an inovative tactic for winning the ethnic vote.

Newmania said...

You should look at the site EK he has plenty of "Me with a black person pictures"

CityUnslicker said...

let us hope he can prevail. My heart says yes, my head says darth livingstone will manage to hold on somehow!

Anonymous said...

I've received a link to the site but it doesn't work.

Auntie Flo'

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