Monday, January 07, 2008

Dale Is Hamilton-Miller

I`ve said it before I `ll say it again. Tara Hamilton-Miller is Iain Dale . Perhaps you are not a New Statesman reader. Infuriatingly it is infinitely better than the Spectator which is a very stuffy old institution but if you are , Tara’s intriguing gossipy column is a highlight In case there was any remaining doubt about her/his identity consider this tantalising tit bit on gorgeous Nadine Dorries the inspirational and utterly shaggable blonde Tory heroine .
Tara`s Top Tory`s
Nadine Dorries -
Though best known for her cult blog, Dorries , one of Westminster’s hardest working MP`s , is cutting down on posting her thoughts for 2008, to focus on various bills close to her heart. Highlight for some in 2007 was her showdown in the members tearoom with employment Minister , Caroline Flint . A witness claims Flint fled like a “bad -cat loser” before any Elnet duel kicked off. This one is never dull

The Evidence

1 It sounds like Iain dale
2 Caroline Flint when to the same university as Iain Dale and he debated against her .I would guess he resents that she ( a bimbo clothes-horse) is a cabinet minister, and he is not, so he would love this story
3 She is not best known for her blog except to bloggers she is well known for her recent stand on abortion in which she claimed that figures produced by the government were misleading .
4 Who but Iain dale would know what her plans for her blog were this year ?
5 How much would it appeal, to Iain Dale`s sense of humour to invent the 'nom de plume ', Tara Hamilton-Miller ? A lot
6 Who else who could do such a good Tory gossip column ? Seriously
Tara Hamilton-Miller and Dale are one and the same . I rest my case , and he may as well abandon the Scarlet Pimpernel routine now



Anonymous said...

Any you are Norman Tebbit's lovechild?

Anonymous said...

Lewes is obviously a long way from the Westminster Village. As Iain himself points out Tara is actually a real person. She is an ex Tory press officer. Her short experience of working with David Cameron when he was the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, go her a on to Michael Cockerell’s documentary on Cameron where she came up with the phrase "pint sized Rasputin" to describe Steve Hilton, Cameron's chief advisor.'s+pint-sized+Rasputin+-+by+the+blonde+from+Tory+HQ/ whether Miss Hamilton-Miller has actucally worked with Mr Hilton or even met him is a moot point

Newmania said...

No I am Norman Tebbits gay paramour :) Oh those long scented aftrernoons of absinthe soaked splendour

Anon....The Dale post was in response to mine and flattered though I am I hardly thought he was taking me seriously

Anonymous said...


I have noticed that you often make gay jokes and also enjoy "outing" gay people who are still in the closet.

We know that only gay men or bisexual men who hate themselves for being gay and are still in the closet do this in order to draw attentions away from themselves. Gay men, straight men and bisexual men who are happy with themselves are not obsessed about genders as it is a non-issuse as far as they are concerned.

The link to the site that YOU provided with your post " Compose your own insults on Gordon Brown..." on 7.1.08 proves it sadly.

I can say this because I am a gay man who hate himself and is still in the closet and

Anonymous said...

Sorry if what I just said upsets you somehow, Paul. I did not really mean to. But rightly or wrongly, I mean this is 2008, surely we should respect each other regardless their genders, faiths or races. This is called "growing up".

All the best, Paul.

Newmania said...

I have noticed that you often make gay jokes and also enjoy "outing" gay people who are still in the closet.

Eh ?
1 I do not,
2 Bugger off po faced wierdo.

tara costner- salad-dressings said...

Who made gay taxi drivers jokes?

Who know too many gay jokes?

Who knows too many websites that have gay jokes or contain posts outing celebrities or wellknown names who are still allegedly in the closet and too eagerly to pass on that information to others to draw people' attentions away from you whenever a gay matter is mentioned?

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