Sunday, December 30, 2007

I would Pay But Its Illegal

There has been a growing concern about sex slavery which has made an unwelcome come back of late . The WI had some interesting suggestions to make about legalising and regulating brothels which make a lot of sense, but the real problems are these
1 A failure to enforce existing laws which amply cover rape kidnaps and extortion
2 A failure to control our borders
3 A failure to have the slightest idea who is here and what they are doing
4 The failure of our Police to catch , prosecute and imprison criminals in general.

The shivering terrified wretches hidden in dingy rooms around the country are another of Brown’s achievements while he has been running the domestic show . Good job Gordon although the 25,000 mentioned is probably a fiction .
Enter stage left Denis Mc Shane, a serial liar whose Labour apologist articles in the Telegraph are Lord Haw Haw level farce justifiable for their entertainment value only. Instead of trying to sort out the mess that is the Home Office and the Criminal Justice system he suggests ……..( roll on the drums ) , an ill thought out and cheap political gambit they hope will make the Conservatives appear anti women.

MacShane's amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill will give power to the police to prosecute a man who pays for sex ,fine him or send him to jail. Henry Porter in Guardian Unlimited comments as follows.
..”it will not be illegal for a woman to sell sex, as long as she complies with the laws concerning the sex trade, chiefly soliciting. Also, it will not be illegal for a man to buy sex from another man or a woman to buy sex from a man, or a woman from a woman, though all these variants in the sex trade - some extremely rare, I grant you - will have to comply with the law in other respects.”

So its mess and patently unjust . No doubt we would prefer that men did not buy sex but they do and I doubt it will be in the power of Gordon Brown to stop either buyer or seller. (Christ do you think anyone ever shagged him for his looks and charm!) Men and women agree a deal and they freely entre into a contract. Never have myself ( due to a severe squeamishness about STD`s), but I would say about half of my male acquaintances have at some point, probably more.This is none of the governments business
In any case who is to say when payment is made . Get the Dinner bill and you could end up doing a stretch at her Majesties pleasure . If she pays she is in the clear, which at least provides us with the best excuse I have heard for while ….. " Sorry you`ll have to pay for sex with me now .I would do the honmours but its illegal ..."


Anonymous said...

Good points, newmania.

This nulab proposal will, as is so often the case with their skewed criminal justice system, discriminate against the poorest men.

The rich and famous (including many politicians) have always gone overseas for much of the sex they purchase, including the more perverse kinds, as this allows a greater chance of anonymity.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

The rich and famous (including many politicians) have always gone overseas for much of the sex

Not just the rich and famous . I am enitrely liberated about that sort of thing but the omnipresence of pronography and the role models young girls have is not something I like to see.I expect it will right itself

Daisy said...

what always got me about prostitution is men are usually paying for it in one way or another...they buy a nice dinner, movie, drinks...that could easily cost over $ could find a girl on the corner for $ reason i pay at least half of the husband didn't understand it at the time but after 25 years finally gets it...

Daisy said...

sorry newmania but the other thing i wanted to comment on was the illegal thing...yes it a burr in my butt...over here now, the court cannot inform INS (immigration) when an illegal is arrested and held before the is unfriendly to them...HELLO they committed a crime by being here illegally and then committed a crime against the community and we can't deport them...WTF...the US is drowning in political correctness!

Anonymous said...

First page of most recommended comments this topic which has just appeared on BBC's Have Your Say

"What should Gordon Brown's priorities be in 2008?
Prime Minister Gordon Brown used his first New Year message to say 2008 will be a year of "real and serious changes" in the UK. What changes do you want to see?"

list of priorities?
1. hand in his resignation
2. call a general election
3. apologize to the nation for years of mismanagement

Recommended by 68 people

Referendum on the EU

Honour previous promises made by him or Tony

Call An Election.


If he does just one of them it would be a start.

Recommended by 43 people

Gordon Brown's priority should be to call a General Election as soon as possible and grant the British electorate an opportunity to decide on their future Government, to replace the current shambles.

Recommended by 40 people

This week Gordon Brown accused terrorists of being 'frightened of democracy'.

The truth is Prime Minister that you look just as scared of the electoral system and now appear more and more isolated from voters.

Your priorities are to stop this greasy hanging on to power and talk of visions and changes - and call a general election.

The British people have seen through the spin, incompetence and waste. Your time has come and GONE !

Recommended by 35 people

Call an election.

Recommended by 33 people

There should be one priority and one only.


Recommended by 28 people


Recommended by 27 people

Mr Brown should have just one priority: CALL AN ELECTION.

Recommended by 27 people

1) Hold a referendum on the EU constitution.
2) Sort out the huge Government debt.
3) Bring back Grammar schools.

Recommended by 25 people

I fear 'big changes' from Brown. It inevitably means even more tax by stealth, as if we don't have too mauch already.

The only big change I look forward to is of the government.

Recommended by 25 people

To offer his resignation and call the election that the people of Britain want.

Recommended by 25 people

"What should Gordon Brown's priorities be in 2008?"

Call an election... asap!

Recommended by 25 people

Let me see

How about hold an election so we can all vote on his lack of vision, narrow self interest and lack of any cohesive thoughts

Recommended by 20 people

Take care of our health - let those who know what they're doing take control, and let Doctors (some of the smartest people in the country) figure out how the service should be run.

Take care of our finances - spend the billions at home, not Iraq.

Take care of our pride - lets show some backbone and learn to say No to Bush.

Take care of our youths - please, someone, control these damn adolescents who blight our lives.

Recommended by 14 people

Gordon Brown needs to prioritise incentives for "microgeneration" energy such as solar heat panels and ground heat pumps on potentially 26 million homes rather than a risky and uncertain drive for the nuclear option. Bigger tax breaks, and bringing down the unit cost and credit schemes on microgeneration to under £1000 would encourage mass instalation, like we saw with double glazing and loft insulation. Also its the best way to stimulate grass roots economic growth for roofers, plumbers, etc

Recommended by 12 people

That's cheered me up - just off to vote for some of these lovely comments.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

but after 25 years finally gets it...

Ha ha ...Its interesting how the US is different to here though Daisy. It is far to the right interjms of taxation but sometimes seems even more self critical than we are .

Newmania said...

Happy voting Flo !

Anonymous said...

"We also have to appeal to the promiscuous voter by demonstrating that we can be the party of aspiration and ambition as well as social justice and fairness."

Have you seen this? What a damn nerve - yet how revealing.

Words of 'wisdom' from nulabber, the, oh, so wholesome, Stephen Byers, as part of his - sod this loyalty sh*t, I'm getting the wind up, so for f***s sake you sh*tes get behind the Gorgon and let's at least try to make him appear half normal/human - appeal for party unity.

Given the desperation signalled by that Byers' statement and the massive amount of anti-Broon resentment burbling away on the Beeb's HYS site right now, I'd say that nulab know a little more about the real poll results than they're letting on.

Keep on doing what you've now learned to do so well, David Cameron, you've got nulab peeing their pants in terror and we love you babe!

Auntie Flo'

Lilith said...

Are you telling me that if a man buys me dinner I DONT HAVE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM?! Damn!

I wish my Mum had told me...

Steven_L said...

I'm starting to form the opinion that prostitution and all illegal drugs should be legalised. Mainly because of the vast amount of money that will be taken away from the hands of crooks.

Thing is that you can't just decriminalise them. If prositution wasn't illegal, clients theoretically be able to sue hookers and their pimps for misrepresentation, or even providing the service without 'reasonable skill'.

There would have to be tight regulation to differentiate the sex trade from having your car serviced, but it strikes me as better than letting all these dodgy Eastern European mafias run the show tax free.

We've been giving these crooks an easy ride for too long, we should either get tough on them (which does work, these people wouldn't dare try the same thing in Saudi Arabia I bet) or take their business away from them.

Demand for sex will never go away no matter what you do, it may indeed shift, which may go some way towards explaining why it's predominatly ugly women that want to see blokes nicked for sleeping with whores.

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