Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Great " I am"

I was just watching the 100 AFI best films and a story popped into my head I have always hoped was true . Kirk Douglas appeared in a Spartacus excerpt and it was then that it came back to me …..
Joel Douglas, or at any rate one of the unsuccessful sprigs of this Hollywood dynasty , found his napkin was the wrong colour or something in a London Restaurant .He made the sort of embarrassing complaint Z list celebrities often do and ended up with the iconic arsehole tag line , “ Do you know who I am ….I `m Joel Douglas! “
Hearing this nearby diner upon who Joel had inflicted the pitiful display stood up and said
“No I`m Joel Douglas “
In the back of the restaurant to other chaps followed suit chorusing “ I `m Joel Douglas “ until the entire place was on its feet claiming to be Joel Douglas and congratulating itself for being so jolly funny
As I say I hope its true


Anonymous said...

A brilliant variant of this could played in parliament on April fools day.

Imagine it, Gorbals Mick belches in his gutteral, Glaswegian dialect:

Questions for the Prime Minister!

Upon which, the entire opposition march en masse to the desptch box, while the wee, purple faced, feartie (assuming he has not been replaced by then) jumps up and down on Miliblob's head like the overgrown schoolboy he is.

Anonymous said...

Newmania -

I heard that story before, though it differed in some of the details, and like you I too dearly hope it's true.

Perhaps it's the idea of a group of people independently and spontaneously coming together collectively to create a joke. Or maybe that's just over-intellectualising it. Either way, it's pretty damn funny.

Philipa said...

Hilarious - I do hope it's true.

Daisy said...


Newmania said...

Lud I may have heard it differtly as well ...I forget

Hi P and Daisy

happy new year to all

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