Saturday, December 01, 2007

Should I ?

I was thinking of sending this to the local paper , what do you think ?Too much ?

Three weeks ago we moved from Islington to Lewes and I thought the residents of this beautiful Town might like to hear how much we already love the place . Islington struggles to cope with 50% social housing 70% of whose occupants are on benefits. This toxic social mix in soulless estates hidden behind the Georgian fa├žades meant that state schools were dumping grounds. Local Labour MP`s Emily Thornberry and neighbouring Dianne Abbot put their own children into Grammar or Private schools . Such elite establishments were not, of course, struggling to cope with eight languages, a consequence of the catastrophic multi-cultural myth they recommended for others.
To see abandoned Supermarket Trolleys and dog poo reported instead of ‘respect’ killings has made me blink with pleasurable disbelief .The walk I used to take to the Tube passed three recent murder scenes and offered a delightful view of Finsbury Park Mosque where a cache of arms was found some years ago. Efforts to monitor activities in the infamous terror magnet seem only to have dispersed the Islamic extremists .Several were attending the local college when they participated in the abortive on 7.7 to land 12 planes in populated US cities.
I have been mugged once had three bikes stolen and a scooter removed with industrial cutting equipment . My old and unremarkable car was vandalised countless times .I was lucky to avoid burglary but not so fortunate as to avoid the Police whose unflagging interest in harassing drivers was their only visible function.
The only bright spots were under threat. The new Academy , was being undermined by Gordon Brown`s quietly centralising policies and the right to buy Leaseholders , suffered vicious doctrinally motivated attack by the hard left London Housing establishment via Service charges amounting to aggravated theft. The best you could say about the arrogant busy bodying Liberal Council was that they were slightly less dreadful than the previous one lead by Margaret Hodge. That literally bankrupt Loony Labour Council flew the red flag over the Town Hall whilst the aristocratic socialist Mz Hodge let child care fall into the hands of Paedophiles and drugs pushers .

Lewes is Edenic by comparison . I look at the heroic Downs with a gasp of joy every day and the sense of a place where you can belong is palpable .One theme remains constant though. Despite the almost overwhelming problems of urban blight in London the parking scheme was all anyone ever talked about . Nothing changes

It was therefore with a wry smile that I read our anti Monarchy, animal rights enthusiast, MP, Mr. Baker , complaining about the local draconian Parking regime . Compared to the highway robbery perpetrated on Islington by his chameleon Party as a form of stealthy progressive taxation ;this is nothing. Mr. Baker is mysteriously supporting Euro fanatic but otherwise Cameron-esque Nick Clegg against the old lefty Huhne in his Party’s leadership election . This is odd given his membership of the high tax big government ‘beverage’ club. Can he explain? With the government visibly collapsing I for one would like to what exactly it is “this “ particular Liberal is claiming he believes in ;starting now. The marvellous people of Lewes have made a Town to be proud of . I cannot see that the slippery and nationally irrelevant Liberal Party is the right organisation to be entrusted with helping them keep it that way.


Daisy said...

i don't know if you have already sent it...but i think if i were in your position, i would just leave it on the blog...i have found that people don't actually want to know the truth of a situation and sometimes see people who tell it as problematic...i don't know if you have a strong connection in your new town but think they have a way of doing things and this may interrupt their way of thinking...usually smaller towns are not as welcoming to bright ideas...just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

It may be too overtly political for the local rag in its present form. Perhaps trim it to craftily suggest the problems you've escaped and the contrasting delights of Lewes?

You could also add that nowhere, not even lovely Lewes, will be immune from the destructive effects of the EU driven Government policy of over-development of England unless the more environmentally friendly Cameron is elected?

Auntie Flo'

Little Black Sambo said...

Has Auntie Flo' got a blog of her own. If so, I should like to read it.

Newmania said...

I `m afraud not LBS she is a Boris supporter and a most original thinker.

I believe she has a recruitment bisiness and an interesst in history , conservation and that sort of thing

David Davis said...

Great stuff Newmania! We did the same as you did to London and ended up , er, up north, er here....If I'd had the idea first, perhaps I would have written what you have done.

Newmania said...

Thanks DD. The only thing is , I want to do some proper poltics here and I don`t want to alientate to many people

Steven_L said...

I think you will take Lewes by storm!

Don't worry about alienating everyone, when you first turned up at Boris's site I thought you sounded like a complete nutter but you won me over.

Just keep ranting at them, it'll work eventually!

grumpy granny said...

Hallo Mr N, this is my first visit here for quite some time, but I think you need to be aware of the following.

Over the weekend I read a long comment on a blog (not much help now though as I cannot recall where/whose!) which stated categorically and provided very strong unbiased evidence t support it, that there are major health risks asociated with living in Lewes because the town is downwind of a local incinerator. Inhaling particulates can cause serius damage to a body. There is an amazing difference between the health figures for those living upwind and those living downwind. And you, Sir, are at the sticky end.
Maybe another of your readers has a better memory than me as to where that entry may be found.

grumpy granny said...

Try this for starters. Lots more if you Google: Lewes + incinerator.

You appear to have some pretty shitty councillors round your way.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send it if I were you - most people in Lewes cannot read anyway.

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