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Labour`s Pants Aflame

In the Telegraph this morning Denis McShane ,who I sometimes quite like is forcing himself to squeak out the pitiful suggestion that corruption is a cross Party issue related to funding. Bimbo Flint was spinning the same unconvincing line on QT this week. They are lying .

The supposed sleaze of the Major period to which Mchane refers involved cash for questions .A few MPs and a few thousand . Actually cash for questions is still going on and Emily Thornberry was recently caught (see Private Eye ). Admittedly it was campaign funds rather than beer money but it’s a rain drop in an ocean now ... .

In our modern world of super sleaze such minor indiscretions barely rate a mention. Major`s travails were nothing to do with funding the Party which Denis is hoping we have forgotten .It is a shame to see him reduced to fibbery to protect his bankrupt Party ,Thus corruption spreads like ink in the Goldfish bowl.

Cash for peerages and Poulson style bungs for planning permission are of a different order. Cash for Private equity in return for favourable tax treatment and cash for Bernie Ecclestone are again millions not hundreds .Have we forgotten the cash for mortgages emanating from off shore sources ? Maybe so with the Augean stables assailing the collective nostril now one gets confused .The main stay of Labour Party fundning is Union cash , itself an absurd anachronism whereby many Conservatives are obliged to paying for Labour and in fact a money Laundering exercise whereby £10 million of ‘modernising’ quids are taken from the tax Payer and returned as a donation.Hard to corrupt you might think ...not if you try hard enough

Whether Gordon brown knew anything or not ,and if he did not know about cash for peerages he must be a co congenital idiot , he was running the election campaign , he presides over a Party emerded to use Boris`s favourite terms ,so far ,that there are no clean patches left to wipe the foulness away. Complaints about Lord Ashcroft are a red herring.The Conservartive Part remain more than willing to do without such large contributors as they have many small ones . It is the Labour Party who stalled negotiations by their ravenous need for Union washed tax Payers money to add to the misuse of communications budgets there sitting MP`s habitually engage in The use of Union clerical staff and ...well you could go on foever .

Their problem is this . Labour was a mass Socilaist movement for the working classes . It is now a Frankenstein stitched together from interest groups like immigrants , welfare scroungers Unions and public sector gaping beaks . Ordinary people loathe it and when it dropped socialism at Blackpool half the old Party left. It has no bona fide source of support only bribed votes . Like the slave armies of the Persians these hirelings will not put themselves out and they do not put their hands in their pockets . SME owners detest the anti business Labour Party but are generous in small chunks to the Conservatives .

After Blackpool the lie of new Labour began and it is since then that they have been a systemically corrupt cancer on the body Politic . The country has clearly had enough and I doubt that losing the useless cadavre they are lumbered with will help. I will not be at all surprised to see them try though.

Shame on youi Denis Mc Shane , you analysis is ignorant vapid and childish . You are now spending credibility and at this rate you will soon be stealing that from somewhere as well

Liar Liar pants on fire ! It deserves no better


Daisy said...

our unions anymore are so bastardized they no longer support the workers at all...we have to pay union dues whether or not we are part of the union (it comes automatically from our pay)...if you agree to "join" the union it costs an addition 50 pence a month...i have tried to get help with a couple of things but the union representatives are getting "special treatment" from administration so they always side with them in the end and the worker gets screwed...i do remember the day when they had power and they helped the worker but those days have been gone a long time...
btw...i know it is different, just trying to relate on some level (cause i like you newmania :)

Ed said...

Two weeks ago he would have got away with the "we are all at it" line but now nobody believes a word any of them say!

The Labour media are trying to pretend that this is "no Black Wednesday" but in fact it's far worse. ERM was incompetence, this is corruption and a free-wheeling attitude to the law of their own making. I think people are waking up to the idea that they never really liked Labour in the first place and they look back at the Major years with some nostalgia - what a sweet and innocent time it was!

Anonymous said...

Good piece, Newmania.

Re your note that 'SMEs detest the anti business Labour Party but are generous in small chunks to the Conservatives.'

I would qualify that a little. Nulab and Broon are not anti-business, Broon after all is a family member and beneficiary of his maternal Souter family who, until the 1960s, historically owned, controlled - and fleeced - the town of Insch in Scotland and it's people. Broon's ma and family were owner-directors of the company.

Was it the demise of that business during Broon's childhood, and it's consequent inablity to provide Broon with a cosy directorship, that sent Broon hurtling on to bigger and better forms of domination via big politics and big business in England?

Broon may hate SMEs (a touch of bitterness at deprived of his 'birthright?) but and nulab clearly just LOVE big business.

SMEs hate nulab and Brown most for the collusive, palm greasing, destructive attacks of nulab and giant corporations on UK's vital SME sector - the UK's largest employer and the vital, real engine and workhorse of UK's economy.

Remember my postings that there are no such things as supermarkets, there are only SMEs? Well it's becoming more and more the case that there are no such things as giant corporations either, just Big money and Big State exploitation of SMEs and the majority of us who form the SME/UK workforce.

SMEs love the Conservatives because they - and especially our beloved George Osborne - recognise that and wish to try to restore a healthier balance to the destructive, fetid and corrupt monopoly of nulab and their corporate chums.

Auntie Flo'

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the cash for runways scandal.

The vast expansion of aviation ~ the most highly polluting transport mode on earth ~ big squanderer of dwindling world oil resources ~ fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions ~ balance of payments deficit creator ~ destroyer of UK's profitable, unsubsidised, domestic tourist industry, clean air and countryside ~ is being actively encouraged by nulab and Broon via huge TAX & VAT subsidies paid for by c 96% of us.

Aviation might not be expanding - at huge cost to the majority of taxpayers - at all if it were not receiving £billions worth of tax & VA T subsidies and £billions worth of other hidden subsidies every year, making air transportation appear artificially cheap.

The aviation industry benefits from the equivalent of a donation from each and every man, woman and child in the UK of over £200 a year.

And where does a lot of a this tax subsidy go? Why back into nulab's - and, to a far lesser extent - other parties' coffers.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

As a Green Party report - The cash-for-runways scandal. How the aviation industry buys favour from political parties. Michelle Dixon and Spencer Fitz-Gibbon. 2003 -
pointed out.

"Most of the donations are in kind – usually free parking at airport for MPs.

But Manchester Airport plc has gone further, and has recently donated £60,000 in cash to the Labour Party.

This is an especially dubious arrangement, as Manchester Airport plc is 55% owned by Manchester city council, which is run by the Labour Party.

Labour runs the council, the council controls the airport, the airport funds Labour. The airport company’s cash donations would pay for Labour’s entire local election campaign in Manchester in 2003 three times over."

Then there are the donations in kind made by aviation to nulab, and the other parties, during the period of the - alleged - airport expansion consultation.

"Between February 2001 and September 2002, the British Airports Authority made in-kind political donations of over £1.1 million. Labour received £525,830 of this, the Conservative Party £441,907 and the Liberal Democrats £114,083."

"BAA is:

Labour’s 9th biggest donor.

The Conservative Party’s 7th biggest donor.

The Liberal Democrats’ 4th biggest donor."

More on the:

"The Manchester airport donations scandal.

Manchester Airport plc has made in-kind donations that would probably pay for Labour’s local election campaign throughout the North West region. Between February 2001 and October 2002 donations from Manchester airport to Labour totalled £271,723.02. Manchester airport is now Labour's 21st biggest donor.

"What’s worse about the Manchester situation is that manchester Airport plc is publicly owned, being the property jointly of the ten boroughs in Greater Manchester.

Manchester city council, which is Labour-run, owns 55% of the shares and thus has the controlling influence. In effect, an airport under the control of a Labour council has made in-kind donations to Labour of over £200,000, plus £60,000 in cash, from money that really belongs to the public.

Around the time of these donations, Manchester airport bosses awarded themselves an 86% pay increase."

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Most of the benefits in kind donations by aviation, by the way, were int he form of free airport parking. Hundreds of MPs received around £5000 of free parking credits.

Some MPs, including Bill Rammell, MP for Harlow - one of the constituencies most threatened by Stansted expansion where there is a very active campaign against expansion - did better. Rammell, soon to be a Government Minister, accepted, at the outset of the airports expansion 'consultation', free airport parking credits worth over £10,000 in one year.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Daisy thats the problem . Noone has a choice about being part of the Union and the supposed seperation of political funds is a myth. Why in any case should one Party have a scheme wherby anyone who gets a job get the option of paying into its coffers

Newmania said...

Ed I aklways quitye liked Major and felt he was a good and clever man. Whats more he really did come from a tough background unlike any Labour PM

Newmania said...

Flo how I would enjoy an evenuing chatting about the problems of the world with you .I `m off now but I will read everything later .

You know a lot about small business don`t you

Daisy said...

newmania...thank you for being patient with me...i am not knowledgeable about many of the posts you make from a british standpoint but i am learning...thank you for posting so much information...

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