Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Get It Done

Just Get It Done !How often have I heard that in an office . I`ve had a thought about the increasingly slim barrier between Gordon Brown and the illegal finding his Party has been spending and hiding for so long . It really doesn`t matter if he knew literally or not . In Insurance what often happens is that company big cheeses will give an underwriter a target of Premium to write . They will also give him a set of sensible rating guidelines which will render his target impossible in the market . He therefore cheats by bending breaking and slithering around as many rules as possible .

Aforesaid grande fromages officially know nothing about it and if all goes well everyone is happy . If it goes tits up then it’s the fault of the underling . Except it isn’t.

Life is full of top people who say just go and get the money and I don`t want to know how and Gordon Brown , unless he is imbecilic beyond all comprehension ,must at least be one of those ..We instinctively know this and this is why we hold him resposnible for the serial debacles . His attempts to localise the pain are a fraud and sheer common sense is all that is required for him to be convicted in the court of public opinion


Ed said...

Nobody should be promoted to a position of responsibility who isn't prepared to take responsibility for his underlings.

Newmania said...

Quite so

Ed said...

So they real people to blame are..........

The Labour MPs who didn't countenance an alternative!

What will happen now though? Will Labour have another leadership election and another lame-duck leader or will Brown battle on, a laughing stock with no authority?

Travis Bickle said...

I'm surprised none of my favourite bloggers have commented on the interesting timing of Jacqui Smith being wheeled out to announce imminent terror threats just as Labour reaches its lowest ebb. Just like terror threats (and tanks) at Heathrow the day before Iraq votes, the last minute Bin Laden video what won it for Bush, plus the hapless Glasgow bombers on Gordon's first weekend. You have to admit these terrorists seem to pick the time that best helps the politicians they claim to hate. Just an observation of course.

ps that Caroline Flint is a right trappy minger. (just another observation)

True Blue said...

Travis B. That thought crossed my mind again. Whenever they, (NuLab) are in the "Doo Doo", they wheel out the incumbent Home Secretary with another "Terrorist Plot" ! Synical shower of Bast...s ! God I loathe them !
You know, if there was a genuine, Terrorist Plot,
about to hatched, we would`nt see any of them for dust, they`d all be scurrying off to their Bunkers, leaving us the GB Public, to fend for ourselves !
I also thought that the FO was "dragging it`s heels" over the case of the hapless British School teacher, in Sudan. Methinks, they hoped, that the news would get so out of hand, (which it is) as I write, that it would bury the current shambolic events of "Donorsgate" !

Anonymous said...

Too right, n.

Miliblob's come crawling out of the woodwork to make a play for Brown's job - and has ended up alienating everyone, including his boss.

God help us all if that useless fool gets to run the country - it won't be Black Wednesday, it'll be Black 2008-2010.

Auntie Flo'

Ed said...

I haven't heard this terror threat news it isn't even on the Beeb's front page!

Surely everyone sees through this nonsense now anyway?

Newmania said...

TB I missed that when did it happen? I am listenjng to the news now ?

Thank god uts not just me ...thanks Ed

Lord James-River said...

Ah but common sense is in short supply so he's safe for now.

Travis Bickle said...


Our world class Home Secretary (sans low cut top) has been on Sky News all day talking about real threats, dirty bombs etc, etc.

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