Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mathew`s Passion

What Did They Do In Gomorrah ?

Mathew Parris disapproves of proposed “ Hatred On The Grounds Of Sexual Orientation” legislation ,in the Speccie Finding a formula which allowed Jacobean hot poker scenes whilst prescribing rap`s batty boy baiting will be impossible . With,“ High thresholds for prosecutions “ ,it is clearly only there to “send a message “.“Sending a message “is an inappropriate use of the statute book ,to put it mildly.The mind wanders into deliciously absurd actions . The bible , for example , is fairly unpleasant about Sodom and if anyone knows what they did in Gomorrah it was not very nice about their bizarre and mysterious habits either. 2000 years of incitement ?.I like Saintly Matthew’s conclusion.
“ I hate homophobia and I have no doubt that it is stupid and wrong . I feel the same about racism, and about the demeaning of the disabled or women. My mind is made up and my opposition ferocious. Yet in no way would this incline me to legislate .”

Its A Farce That Charlie`s Aunt

The attempts of the PC constituency to reduce our courts to a farce is superfluous . We have enough comedy.I was watching 100 great stand-ups yesterday and there was fascinating interplay of class tension between the alternative or modern comedians and the working class crafts men. Chubby Brown, Manning , of course and in the US Dice Man sat uncomfortably with Perrier award winners .Peter Kay and Jimmy Carr are both reconnecting intelligent comedy with anarchic amorality but I still enjoy the politically correct Eddie Izzard on the Empire as the “Cunning use of flags “

“ I pronounce this continent British “
“ Hey hang on we`ve all been here for ages there are load of us ..”
“ Do you have a flag ?….”
“ Well no not exactly …”
“ Then it is all now ours … ha ha

The EU Flag is not dissimilarly ridiculous.

My Name Is Newmania And I Laughed At Jim Davidson

Primitive tribes often have formal sort of humour consisting of elegantly avoiding the taboo word . There is an example where “ Bees “ are the unmentionable creatures “Those little buzzing creatures , I would not hint at their yellow and black stripes … oh no not I” would be the Oscar Wilde of the tribe .Why do we have this desire to say the unsayable , I wonder if it has a balancing function.I could not watch him for long but the bit that I laughed at most, was this from Jim Davidson …pure succinct tabboo breaking …

“ You would not believe what I get paid for doing this , its ridiculous , makes you think , there are people in Africa that could live half a life on what I make tonight ……
( Turns into profile and inhales deeply and thoughtfully on a fag…… quickly turns head surreptitiously to face the audience )
“Fuck ` em”

Add an old pros timing though and it still works . .Iain dale and David Cameron found out in Rwanda,you can go a bit too far and then they start laughing.As Johnson said "That's cant, Sir. ..: publick affairs vex no man.".True enough.

A lot of the more aggressive humour around is reacting to being pushed too far but before you know it jokes petrify into attitudes and the tolerance we prize is injured.So stop sending stupid messages with the law and start using it to send criminals into unpleasant prisons for a long time.Thats my message


Ed said...

As soon as this bit of stupid legislation comes into force, the directive will go out that it is to be enforced more thoroughly than the speeding laws.

I see Brown is grandstanding in Iraq again - even in the staged photos you can see our boys and girls looking very uncomfortable at being used for party political reasons.

Newmania said...

I don`t see how you can enforce it Ed but you may be right

Haven`t seen that yet

Anonymous said...

I watched the 100 best stand ups till about number 13 - then I went to sleep - who won? Was it me?

Newmania said...

It was Billy Connoly, not my fave but he is pretty funny at times

Little Black Sambo said...

Billy Connoly - one of the most annoying voices heard on TV.

Newmania said...

I do know what you mean LBS,

Philipa said...

Excellent post Paul, I agree.

I like Jethro and Bernard Manning was superb on that chat show hosted by caroline aherne was it? as Mrs Merton. Anyway, Rupert Everett was on and tried to belittle Manning who made mincemeat of him with pure intelligent wit. If I remember he so easily hoisted him with his own petard and though hazy I think it was just so obvious (even with Manning being calm and charming) that if Manning went on a diet Everett would still be a stupid arrogant tosser with a posh accent.

Travis Bickle said...

Oh well perhaps an adapted (and admittedly very old)Billy Connolly joke will be topical;

Gordon Brown is well depressed (well I read it somewhere, can't remember where) and decides to sneak out for a few sherbets round the corner from number ten. Unfortunately this son of a manse is none too clever at holding his drink and gets completely bladdered on a few babychams, plus mind eraser and horse's neck cocktails. Staggering home he is violently sick and also draws mud in his pants.

The copper on door duty at number ten has to wake Sarah up to let him in and she, of course, is disgusted at the state. Even worse when she undresses him for bed "Gordon your dirty bastard you've shit yourself", to which the classic reply comes "wasn't me it was the Conservatives that did it".

Newmania said...

Hooray TB,,,,"The extent of shit is improving but we know we have to do even better"

I cannot say I approve of Bernard Manning excatly P , I do get the point of it but I never thought he was all that funny

Philipa said...

Never seen Manning N, apart from that prog. I thought the point a good one though - being privilaged, well educated etc. doesn't stop you being a complete tosser. IMHO there are so many well educated suits in politics that got there on their image and in fact are complete tossers.

Newmania said...

True very true P

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