Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Shiver With No Spine

More disturbing signs of the mental breakdown of Gordon Brown. I have previously reported rumours of anti-depressants he has been taking and Peter Oborne, a trustworthy journalist, hinted at a physical abuse of the secretarial staff at No. 10 . He apparently flung a girl , in a rage , from her seat to use the keyboard.There is obviously a source form within who has been distressed . Today we read that he reduced a grown man to tears . That is Spencer Livermore the mis-director of political strategy at No. 10 . I have to wonder quite how difficult that would be .The dopey looking 32 year old Labour maggot has little to fall back on but the life of a ligger. Nonetheless a pattern is emerging ,of a piece with his bizarre physical betrayals at question time.
.Peter Watts has allowed it to be known that he was not impressed with Brown scuttling away from the funding scandal like a rat .It was after all , for him , that the money was collected .
Meanwhile Bonkers Broon says , or rather his dead eyed acolytes say for him ,‘This government will be judged on its record .’ Well ,he has increased revenue to the exchequer by £250 billion every year and yet miraculously managed to acquire very little . The Health budget has doubled to no good effect and education ,despite a Niagra of funds ,is actually getting worse. I seriously begin to wonder if Mc Bean has lost his grip entirely

There is a rather ripping story in the Hornblower oeuvre when the ship is in the command of Captain who has gone mad. Below decks the officers cannot believe what they are seeing . Many are opposed by instinct to mutiny that most dreadful of naval sins .Others fear the consequences In the end the behaviour of the foaming Captain , his cruelty and delusion provoke a series of ill lit furtive meetings, in whispers they plot, and finally the Captain is taken prisoner. Then the awful question…now what ?

No doubt such meetings are taking place and the air is thick with rumours but , as Harold Wilson put it it’s a “ Shiver with no spine to run down” . Where is the alternative . Milliband is not ready and Balls is seen as the Brown poodle . Alan Johnson pronounced himself too stupid to run on Desert island Disks . A party that endured Michael Foot for three years and Neal Kinnock for nine is unlikely to find the cojones to act decisively. The truth is they have the leader they deserve . The guts left the Labour Party at Blackpool , now they are left with screaming bitchy courtiers .who dominate the Harem but are little use otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Is this all true Mr N? I think you should watch him very closely, he seems really troubled to me and close to the edge.

Newmania said...

It is all true Mut..well all in proper papers anyway, and convincingly reported

Travis Bickle said...

I have always found it advisable to be very wary of people who walk around with a stupid forced smile on their faces, especially in situations where it is most inappropriate.

Perhaps he will be appointing Carol Caplin as his new style coach to go with the totally evil Alistair Campbell as his new spin doctor.

Philipa said...

sane wise words from travis bickle.

Red banner N? Isn't that a little NuLab?

Newmania said...

TB is always a safe pair of hands...nice work

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