Monday, December 10, 2007

One Large Donor Please.....

This information is taken from the Electoral Commission website and shows the sum total of donations of some key people between January 2001 and late 2007 , I stole it from super Tony Sharp . I do have slight nervousness about the reticence of Lord Ashcroft on his tax status but then he has a clean bill of health and thems the rules.In terms of large donors we can see the Labour Party are vastly more indebted to Supermarkets , Private Equity , Mr.Mittall,shadowy Muslims and of course,the Unions


Bearwood (Lord Ashcroft's UK based company) - £ 2,585,931.31
Types of donations:
Cash (146 donations) totalling: £ 1,297,365.69
Non cash (16 donations) totalling: £ 1,288,565.62

Lord Ashcroft (personal donations) - £ 111,726.09
Types of donations:
Cash (3 donations) totalling: £ 36,996.09
Non cash (5 donations) totalling: £ 74,730.00

Midlands Industrial Council - £ 1,430,470.23 (membership declared transparently)
Types of donations:
Cash (58 donations) totalling: £ 1,417,570.23
Non cash (2 donations) totalling: £ 12,900.00

Individual Donations (over £250,000) - £ 25,006,311.91
(excluding Public Funds)
Types of donations:
Cash (34 donations) totalling: £ 24,581,352.91
Non cash (1 donations) totalling: £ 424,959.00

Total -
Cash - £ 27,758,243.92 Non cash - £ 1,801,154.62



Lord Sainsbury - £ 8,516,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (8 donations) totalling: £ 8,516,000.00

Lakshmi Mittal - £ 4,125,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (3 donations) totalling: £ 4,125,000.00

Lord Drayson - £ 1,105,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (4 donations) totalling: £ 1,105,000.00

Sir Ronnie Cohen - £ 1,800,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (8 donations) totalling: £ 1,800,000.00

Muslim Friends of Labour - £ 330,950.00 (members not declared)
Types of donations:
Cash (12 donations) totalling: £ 330,950.00

Individual Donations (over £250,000) - £ 47,289,543.50
(excluding Public Funds) (mainly from unions)
Types of donations:
Cash (97 donations) totalling: £ 47,289,543.50

Total - (exluding more than £ 600,000 from David Abrahams of course...)
Cash - £ 63,166,493.50 Non cash - £ 0

** Please note these are not exhaustive details of all donors, which would be far too long to post here - these are just illustrative and comparative examples.


Philipa said...

8 bloody million to the Labour farce? I'm shopping at ASDA this xmas.

(sadly I can't afford Waitrose)

Newmania said...

M and S for me P :)

Philipa said...

Posh git ;-))

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Marks and Sparks - if only I could get there to buy some bread and butter pudding.

Newmania said...

Arf it is nice BEH

hatfield girl said...

Butter a dish; butter thickly some thin slices of white bread (remove the crusts); line the dish with half the buttered bread; beat 3 eggs wildly and add some broken up vanilla pod and sugar to taste; pour gently, mixed with a pint of milk, into dish in which raisins, previously soaked to plumpness in cognac, have been sprinkled in between layers of the rest of the buttered bread. It should all come to about half way up the dish.
Leave to soak while oven heats to 180C, not more, cook for about 45 minutes while you eat the rest of your dinner.

Philipa said...

hg - sounds fab, I'll try that on sunday, yummy :-)

My children thankyou too.

Have you tried soaking in cointreau and spreading the top bread and butter with marmalade? It's years since I've done that.

hatfield girl said...

The cointreau would go with the marmalade, P. Or brown sugar gives a creme brulee finish.

The Conservative Party funding is remarkably steady in its form and level; it was always thus and always legal, if at times overwhelmingly one-sided. New Labour is wholly bent, generating funds by selling state power. There is an enormous difference.

Newmania said...

Yes there is isn`t there HG, I have already posted abouitbthe reason ,as I see it why that would be. .Incidentally HG cassilis has an interesting post up now that , if you happen to see it I would be interested in your view of.

hatfield girl said...

If you mean the post about public expenditure in Scotland, there seems no reason to doubt the Herald's figures; no-one has called them into question in the intervening weeks. It seems that Labour bought the client voter quite cheaply in Scotland for all these posturing years of 'without us you'd all be in penury'.
Might the Conservatives drive that message home? That support was bought cheaply by Labour. And redistribution was inefficient, unfair and corrupt? If the Conservative policy is to strengthen the Union it would seem the only way to go - they can hardly start saying that Labour misrule was a good thing and the Conservatives will do it more and better. Which, unfortunately, is how Cameron's speech is being reported.
The SNP policies - a clean break with past misrule and its dependency depression of Scottish wealth creation potential, is winning, and will continue to win, hands down.
There was no warm welcome to the recent Labour-commissioned but only just completed report on Scottish population levels either. The Report's insistence on the need for tens of thousands of immigrants to help the Scottish economy is rejected utterly by the Scottish government. It has no wish to increase indiscriminant immigration , preferring measures to encourage the growth of the indigenous birth rate, and reliance on the return of Scottish younger people driven to seek work elsewhere by the Labour-induced torpor of the Scottish economy. Evidently economic and employment opportunities are improving by leaps and bounds under well-designed, advanced sector economic growth policies. Mr Salmond has a very fine set of economic advisers, which include James Mirlees, and is no financial slouch himself.
Imagine - a well-educated (on the whole) population of only 5 and a half million, and all those natural and developed resources and infrastructures, with a Scottish diaspora so well-placed and well-disposed to the current government. Scotland is what England or even the UK could have been if there had been no Labour governments and, the irony of it, Scotland was preserved in lack of development and investment aspic because it suited Labour requirements for a low aspirations, biddable, client -vote base.
Ireland's break for freedom and wealth came from entry into the EU. But I doubt the Scots will choose full membership; the Norwegians have a very similar economic and development profile to Scotland, and a good model of EU relations to follow.
Anyway it's all grist to the Labour destroying mill; Cameron has a very complicated policy line to develop and promulgate.
(You did ask, or I would never have gone on so long on your blog).

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