Monday, December 17, 2007

The Paedo Accusations Go On

I have been exchanging views with lefty shnozilla Alex Hilton . He has a post up with the not un-amusing title ‘Conservative are evil’ , or something , but as his defence emerges it is apparent that he actually believes it. Not only that but we are the moral equivalents of paedophiles . See this shrieking explosion of sanctimonious pre-pubescence .

‘But abandoning people to a life without hope or opportunity ( This apparently is what people who are Conservatives do ) is tantamount to torture; and abandoning their children is child torture. So if you like you can perform the same self-justifying moral and semantic acrobatics we see from rapists, murderers, paedophiles and torturers of the regular kind.
But it doesn't take away what you really are inside……’

Well there’s not a lot of point in bothering with that gloop which I can get from the soaked mendicant at Croydon station. Not a lot of harm in a vacuous bore sounding off here and there of course but why the attention. ? Anyone know?


Ed said...

The moralism of those on the left amuses me. It's almost as if many of them have never actually met any "Tories".

Newmania said...

he is hilarious Ed...but he seriously wants to be an MP ...shudder..if only I thought he was the stupidest

Ed said...

I think the difference between the "tribal" attitudes on the Left and Right are that the Right want to win the argument, the Left want to destroy the Right by whatever means necessary.

That is why they have to come down to "they are nasty".

Anonymous said...

So what are the majority of Conservative supporters - who are working class people, or of working class origin - supposed to be in Alex Hilton's book? False consciousnessed, trans - cullotted, trans-vested, Trans-classed paedos?

God help us if this bloke gets to be an MP.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Not likely Flo , nice to see you.

Travis Bickle said...

Anyone see Frankie Boyle on Live at the Apollo tonight?

Great line about George Bush still thinking Tony Blair was in charge but rather sad to see he's aged so much and had a stroke.

Newmania said...

Missed it fact...ahem ...I have no idea who Frankie Boyle is ?

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