Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Message

The nativity scene . Not the fixture it once was as there are so many foreigners at schools now it is deemed divisive and beginning to be replaced with celebrations of ‘The world of hope’, and other glutinous fatuities. I was once a suitably majestic King (or wise man ) carrying my gift of Gold to Mary, and Christ child . This transcendant being was perhaps inadequately represented by a hideous plastic doll ,swathed…in swaddling , whatever that might have been.Its meanings come later and I am sorry to hear yet another tradition is under attack

This mother and child carry layers of theology about which wars have been fought ,but it also has a simple resonance. The miracle of new life, and the mother that made it ,are transmitted perfectly .Shepherds and animals jostle but above the bru-ha ha of makeshift domesticity a star announces that the most important thing ‘ever’ has just happened . I know the feeling , all fathers must do.
You might therefore , imagine this central purpose of humanity would be cherished .Not amongst England’s dark satanic mills I `m afraid .

Take the actual willingness have a child . Without immigrants London’s birth-rate would have halved during the Blair Brown infernal ministry of torment , so it is entirely possible that modern Mary would not bother at all .The overall fertility rate among indigenous ethnicities is up to 1.7 from 1.3 the overall rate of 2.6 is misleading .Excluding inward migration , this would also have been the first year in which more children were born out of wedlock than in. So, if Mary had persuaded Joseph to make a decent women of her she would be lucky.

Even had Joseph played ball,the welfare system makes it highly tempting not to . A single mother working 16 hours a week , after tax gains a total income of £487 a week while a two parent family on the minimum wage has to work 116 hours to the the same . (Frank Field ) .. Since we are diving into the travails of what I will call Chav Mary I think we can forget that business of Joseph being a carpenter. One in seven children is growing up in a workless home and in parts if the UK it is , of course , entire areas . Last week the Statistics commission , showed that four out of every new job supposedly created has been taken/made by an immigrant. A quarter of the population of Liverpool , Middlesbrough and Glasgow are dependent on benefits in this supposedly booming country which by many measures (like the ones UNICEF use) is the worst place in the developed world to be a child anyway.

Joseph is most unlikely to get into the picture. Britain now has 1.9 million lone parents an increase of over 200,000 from vertiginously high levels when Labour came to power . The highest teenage birth-rate in Europe as well
Given that The baby Jesus was likely to be in a work free and Joseph free environment we cannot hope for much early promise despite his inherited deity status . Children aged 12 in a one parent family are 2.4 times more likely smoke four times more likely to be expelled . US figures show 63 % of teenage suicides , 90 percent of runaways and 85 % of juvenile prisoners are from fatherless homes . There can be little doubt that marriage not merely cohabitation is important as well. One in two cohabiting parents split up before their child’s fifth birthday . For married couples the comparable figure is one in twelve.
Leaving chav Mary to her obese fatherless Nintendo addicted young drug taking basket case already enmeshed in a web of social services, we can turn to the coping classes and above . Only 3 out of 10 children now live in the traditional family of male breadwinner . This account for 29% of households the rest are formed of endless permutations .Yuppie Mary has different but oddly similar problems .

Women are on their way to outnumbering the number of me in the millionaires club and although wages lag somewhat behind , at 80% it is doubtful that this represents anymore than the differential commitment over a working life men put in . A brave new world has grown in which the father is non existent , if you can find any sperm that’s is now he is also potentially traceable.( not a problem for Mary I suppose) .Science promises that women may be able to make their own sperm ,the equal opportunities commission has ceased its work, and whiners like Yasmin Alibhai-Brown , admit that women have never had it so good .
Nonetheless this breed seem less keen to have any offspring than anyone . A third of couples face infertility problems and the majority of women now do not start to try until after thirty with 65% saying they regret it . The problem, 35% spend an average of £5000 on IVF alone and that’s after the Post code lottery has done its brutal work. Only seven primary care trusts will fund three cycles and as we know only the privileged Millibands of this world get to adopt nowadays by going abroad to avoid out nauseating jobs worth misery factories. A national scandal I would like to see some little weasel pay for.

A survey of 2000 women combining home and work makes the 30s the hardest decade .They snack , they miss sleep, they accept tiredness as a way of life . They no longer live in a community , nor , often , can they rely on a married partner . Research also shows that mothers today manage on 3.5 to 4 hours sleep . This is because their greater family around them to pass on the tricks of the trade one of which is leaving the baby to cry for longer . By contrast to their grandmothers, women are on their knees, creating untold pressure relationships already strained by trying to pay mortgages personal debt and blurred roles ..

They cannot content themselves with the knowledge they have down the best for their child either . A survey of all; studies on day care showed 41 % of children in day care for more than 20 hours a week were insecure only 26% were when they were cared for full time by their mothers . Sorry Polly Toynbee the state cannot take over where the mother once was, much as it would suit your vile inhuman nightmare vision.

The left scream Sure start and flexible working is the answer and we should abandon the traditional family . Well flexible working may well be a luxury we can no longer afford and even now it is unworkable outside the Public sector who are sending other peoples money. As for Sure start , its works well enough if you ignore value , but the bald equation of poverty with child problem is a nonsense if you provide no way to create wealth. The left , of course , no less than nothing about that . On mainland Europe the proportion of children cared for by parents is far greater with obviously beneficial results here the coping class simply cannot afford it.Here they are trapped on the mortage slave ship pulling away to the dreadful beat of necessity. Then the Labour government wonders why property value and IHT exploded in their face.

Without women voting we woud have had Labour Governmentas since 1945 and while we all know there are single mothers who deserve support struggling married mothers working and cleaning and taking , by the way , more than their share of housework , are less sympathetic than the sisterhood might wish .
They are one of the reasons that the Labour Party have slid backwards and Cameron`s resurgence may be traced back to his support for marriage by removing dsome of the disincentive as well as the conference . Labour roared support for single mothers at their embarrassing deputy leadership farce .Hilary Benn an aristocrat with £230,000 of United Business MEDIA Shares , Ms Harman a top private school product relative of Lord Longford who sent her brood to Grammar , and Mr. Hain from the opulence of Hillsborough Castle ( One of eight homes)!All of them were determined to continue to punish those heroically doing their best under huge pressure and the active loathing of progressives and socialists . ‘Married Families with Children ’.

I know someone thought it awfully “challenging” to cast Mary and Joseph as asylum seekers which they were not . How much more thought provoking it would have been to cast them as decent English people unable to keep up the slavery required to support the swollen state which does little good for the recipients anyway.
There is a deep division in our society between the two income family and the no income family but if they look across the chasm they face many of the same problems and neither group of mothers are getting what they want. When we look the nativity scene , for as long as they will allow us , and recognise the its universality we should not conclude Christian charity implies taxing marriage and funding its reverse . We must look for ways to return our society to the eternal humanity represented in the scene. This means three kings bearing tax breaks , support for marriage and welfare reform.



Ed said...

I was "myrrh" and I tripped over my cloak on the stairs up to the stage. Video cameras had just become popular so the moment is stored for posterity.

Newmania said...

Bloody hell Ed how on earth did you know that was there. I finished it seconds ago.

Sorry to hear of your thespian disaster my Gold was a triumph...critics said ..he "was" a king ...(?)

Ed said...

Divine intervention probably.


Daisy said...

newmania, this was an excellent post...very informative...and reminiscent of how it was in the states just a few years our welfare state is changed where there are benefits for only 5 years in a total lifetime...this has not changed the single family birth rate,the teen pregnancy population, or any of the other issues...just that they are not receiving the money.
the change has come with the homeless population of women and children in our part of the world...we have two and three families of single mothers and their children residing in low income housing together...the over crowding and desperation leads to increased child abuse in the home...with these mothers being forced to work with young children at home the child neglect rate has increased as they cannot afford to pay $200 or more PER WEEK PER CHILD for child care...additionally, the public housing we have no longer (within the last 5 years) accepts people who have felonies...or those with drug convictions of any many cases this eliminates the fathers as there are so many with past (or present) felonies/drug convictions...and i have cases on my case load where mom's were selling drugs to pay bills and are now looking at losing housing...
while i think it is important to limit things and to make rules etc...when dealing with a population who are in such dire need, are we really being compassionate? I don't propose to know the answer to this, the only thing i know for sure is no child should have to live on the street and for a nation as wealthy as the one i reside, it is aborrant to have this behavior on our streets...thank you again for the awareness

Daisy said...

btw i like your new page is very attractive...:)

Newmania said...

Thanks Daisy, I think we are about to get that here , but I hear veruy good thnghs about rth effect. Throwing money away certianly doesn`t work

CityUnslicker said...

nice new page layout N. the hours of effort were worth it...

the post is good too; you should get your own national column next year.

Newmania said...

Ha ha ...Cassilis did it for me actually nice if him don`t you think. Bit classy for me perhaps

Little Black Sambo said...

Did you hear about the third Wise Man who proudly announced, "Frank sent this"?

electro-kevin said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while, Paul. I've only been able to concentrate on small bites of information lately - just a phase.

The Nativity may well be in decline. I see religion as a form of tribalism - the assertion of one groups' 'superiority' over another via an unchallengable doctrine. Not scientific and not a matter of right or wrong but an issue of "This is how it is going to be." declared by the strongest and most strident present.

It's our choice whether or not to reproduce. We have largely chosen material wealth over reproduction (and too often the abandonment of offspring when we DO bother to breed.) We can't then complain that our culture is in decline. We can't have it both ways.

On a lighter note:

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Newmania said...

Frank got about a good bit in the holy land at that time LBS, (and often used agents)


Newmania said...

I don`t have any reak faith EK but I see more in it than just a con. I `m not sure we have chosen wealth over reproduction more than anyone ever did its just that reproduction is now a huge investment for the percieved minimum input for people on a tight budget

Thanks for your good wishes and same to you.

electro-kevin said...

Well it would seem that some of the poorest are having the largest families - or is it that those with large families are poorest ?

In the 1930s our people were poorer and yet had larger families - tightness of budget didn't seem to matter. I certainly think that having fewer children is a factor in the raising of standards of living but the cost is a dilution of of our culture, especially when people with more old fashioned family attitudes increase their numbers.

Our choice in the not so distant future may be between being a Catholic or Muslim nation.

Newmania said...

In the 1930s our people were poorer and yet had larger families -

I don`t think you can discount expectations and what you see around you as easily as that personally

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

nice post young newms, and indeed nice new-look blog. You've been busy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, n

I was the angel - naturally :)

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

You still are Flo !


Newmania said...

HI merms didn1t see you there

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